Why bother fighting with traffic or cramming yourself into the public transportation to see the biggest, and most iconic, locations in London? Instead you can stay close to all this and more with your hotel stay....
Don’t just put the Tower of London and Tower Bridge anywhere on your itinerary, put it right at the top and visit it as often as you like by making your reservation at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London –...

DoubleTree Hotels

Homemade Hospitality

There certainly isn’t any  lack of options when it comes to choosing a hotel pretty much anywhere in the world and this fact is even more pronounced in the bigger cities of any country.  So what helps set apart your home away from home when you travel?  Make a reservation at any one of the DoubleTree Hotels in London and discover the perfect collection of little things that can make all the difference when you’re on the road.  The DoubleTree chain was already offering quality service when Hilton Worldwide purchased it in 1999 and that offer only got better with the purchase.  Probably the most recognizable benefit of staying with DoubleTree is their world famous, homemade chocolate chip and walnut cookie.  Made from a special secret recipe, it is yours to enjoy right when you check in, the perfect warm welcome after a long day traveling.  But cookies aren’t they only thing that the DoubleTree Hotels in London do right.  From savvy business services and professional event space to a friendly, well-trained staff to the Culture of CARE (Create a Rewarding Experience), these hotels will set you up to compliment your daily adventures with relaxing nights.

The Where You Want

Now, it’s all well and good for places like the DoubleTree Hotels in London to give you all the things you need on site but what you really want is all that comfort and quality with a healthy helping of convenience.  Well you’re in luck because not only are you going to sleep well and get all the services you need, you’re going to find a DoubleTree minutes from wherever you are in London.  From the Tower of London to the West End, from Victoria Station to Ealing, there is a spacious, well-appointed room or suite waiting for you right where you need it most.