Five Star Hotels

The Cream of the Crop

It would probably be more appropriate, at least from a written language standpoint, to title this ‘la crème de la crème’ or ‘the pick of the crop’ as both of those sayings have a far more solid etymological foundation.  The cream of the crop is most likely a combination of both sayings, which means it makes little sense on its own.  But the fact that is it has a little bit of everything in its make-up makes it the perfect idiom for describing the five star hotels in London. If you are looking for the best of all things hotel, the most luxurious, elegant and overwhelming experience for your next stay, these are the hotels for you. From top of the line, award-winning restaurants to in-house full service spas to enormous event venues for unforgettable personal and business gatherings, you’ll want for nothing and find that the time you spend in the hotel is as much a vacation as the time you spend touring the city. And that’s just the public areas of the five star hotels in London. Equally as well designed, spacious and loaded with tantalizing amenities, the accommodations will make packing up and heading over a Herculean task.  Go for the gold and get the best of everything with the five star hotels in London

Perfectly Placed Pampering

It’s going to be hard to tear yourself away from the kind of exquisite treatment you’ll get inside the five star hotels in London but make sure you do because just outside those magnificent walls, the best of the city is waiting very nearby.  With two hotels, the Savoy and Hotel Sofitel, right by the River Thames, minutes from Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, the Sanctum just north of Regent’s Park and the Wyndham on the other side of Battersea Park, there’s a location for whatever part of the London you want to explore.