Upgrade the scenic view from your spacious accommodations to the iconic Tower Bridge and still get the world famous Hilton quality you expect. Access to a 24-hour fitness facility, on-site bar and lounge, meetings...

Hilton International Hotels

What’s In A Name?

It’s probably a bit on the nose to use a Shakespearean quote when talking about the Hilton International Hotels in London, but that famous line from Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be more appropriate.  What is in a name?  Juliet believed that a rose would smell just as sweet even if you called it something else entirely.  She wasn’t wrong and her summation of her tragic romantic situation was just as accurate but can the same be said of a hotel chain? When you are prepping for a trip, you only have your research material to go by, and while the Internet is extraordinarily handy for such things, it is still just words until you arrive, isn’t it?  So what’s in a name then? When it comes to the Hilton International Hotels in London, the answer is confidence. Yes, if you renamed the chain it would still be offering unparalleled comfort in spacious accommodations, incredible event space, and professional business services. Luxury and elegance in every corner of the building coupled with staff members that do all they can to ensure you love every minute of your experience. There’s a reason that Hilton has been so successful the world over since 1919 and you deserve that kind of quality on your trip.

What’s In A Place?

Not an actual quote but a fairly clever turn on one to focus on the other half of the equation; location. You know that you are going to be well taken care of at the Hilton International Hotels in London but what you might not know is how close you’ll be to the best of the city. From Tower Bridge to Kensington to Paddington to Green Park, your next best stay in London is only a click away.  So…click away.