The hotels near Kensington in London offer both excellent service and comfortable accommodations. It also gives visitors the chance to see some of the most famous landmarks in the world. London has a long and storied history. Certain places have been featured in the literary canon for hundreds of years. If you have an interest in exploring some of the most well known, romantic, and famed sites in London, Kensington is an excellent place to start.

Getting to Know Kensington

Kensington Palace was first constructed in 1600s, and has been home to many members of the royal family. It is set in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, where flowers, trees, and immaculately beautiful landscaping meets the eye at every turn. Staying in one of the many hotels near Kensington in London will allow you to easily tour the palace and explore the fabulous gardens.

Hyde Park is adjacent to Kensington Gardens, and was originally a private hunting ground for the residents of Kensington Palace. Charles I opened the Ring, a fashionable promenade in the park, where all of London’s most elite went to see and to be seen. Today, Hyde Park is a favorite spot, both for locals and for visitors. There are fountains, statues, gardens located in the area.

In fact, Kensington is home to many parks and gardens. Another notable one is Holland Park, where there are sporting fields, gardens, plus a semi-wilderness area. Less well-known than Hyde Park, Holland Park is a great place to take a walk and a break from the hustle of the busy city.

Shopping and Entertainment

In addition to the palace and the many parks, visitors often enjoy shopping along Kensington High Street. Large, beautiful department stores, as well as smaller boutiques line the street. Most of the hotels near Kensington in London offer concierge services so visitors have help finding the places they are most interested in seeing.

The area is also filled with museums, theaters, and excellent restaurants. Imagine an ideal vacation day: waking in a luxury hotel, shopping and sightseeing, followed by an excellent lunch at a cafe. You can also enjoy a live performance at a beautiful theater, with a gourmet dinner afterward, cocktails and dancing. Finally, return to your hotel to sink into a plush bed. All of that is perfectly possible and easy to arrange with the help of the staff at any of the hotels near Kensington in London.

Whether you are traveling alone, as part of a couple, with friends, on business, or with your family, you will find that Kensington is a great place to base your exploration of London. Many of the area hotels offer special services for families, and there are plenty of family-friendly sites and attractions.

Whatever your goals while you visit city, staying at one of the hotels near Kensington London is likely to help you reach them. There are various levels of service, room configurations, as well as prices to consider. If you simply want basic accommodations with a comfortable bed, or you want a full-blown luxury experience, you’ll have options to choose from when considering the hotels near Kensington in London.