Park Plaza Hotels

The Perfect Package

You’ve seen hotels listed by the number of stars they’ve gathered to their name but what does that really mean to you? Even if someone laid out the technical details of the rating system, would it really speak to you? Instead, consider an example of a chain of four-start hotels. The Park Plaza Hotels in London each have earned that particular quantity and possibly the best way to truly appreciate each and every one is to have them assigned to a benefit provided with your reservation. Give star number one to free hotel wide high-speed wireless Internet access because getting on the ‘Net is almost a necessity now and while getting it for free should be a given anywhere, it just isn’t. Star number two goes to on-site dining. Each of the Park Plaza Hotels in London provides a unique dining experience full of local and International cuisine. The third star could represent the incredible meeting facilities available to provide you an unforgettable venue for your business or personal event. And the fourth star is reserved for your accommodations. Clean, modern, gorgeously designed and full of amenities, these rooms and suites will make it hard for you to want to walk out the door. And there it is. Four stars attached to a hotel and given meaning that you can actually relate to. Makes it a lot easier to choose where you are going to stay, doesn’t it?

But Wait…There’s More!

In case those four lovely stars full of excellent reasons to stay with the Park Plaza Hotels in London weren’t enough, each location also offers convenience to the very best of the city around it. Get up close to Westminster, Victoria, the iconic River Thames, and London’s County Hall and go from worrying about how you’ll get to your next great location to worrying about how many times you’re going to stop by.