Rolls Royce Headquarters in London

Hotels near Rolls-Royce Headquarters in London

When you are looking for a relaxing stay in London be sure and look into hotels and English bed and breakfasts outside of downtown London. The hotels near Rolls-Royce Headquarters in London can be expensive but provide you with convenience to dining, shopping, and recreation in downtown such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, and much more. Hotels such as The Nags Head, George and Dragon Inn, Flint Cottage Bed and Breakfast, The Chichester Inn, and The Woolpack Inn are outside of the downtown area but they provide you with a wider variety of surroundings.

Attractions and Things to Do

You also receive a first hand experience of the local culture, produce, and recreation by staying in one of the smaller towns outside of downtown. Bed and breakfast accommodations in particular allow you to immerse yourself into the local culture because you are staying in an English home. Staying in hotels near Rolls-Royce Headquarters in London, or any other hotels in downtown, will certainly be more convenient in terms of nearby dining options, but you will miss out on the views of the English countryside.

The Bed and Breakfast hotels outside of downtown offer you a taste of the local history also. The George and the Dragon Inn was converted and beautifully renovated from a horse stable. The Chichester Inn dates back to 1785 and is still located within the old city walls. The Flint Cottage Bed and Breakfast provides you with views of the English countryside and the tranquility it brings will help you relax during your visit to England. Some of these hotels outside of downtown, such as the Nags Head, are close to public transportation as well. The Nags Head in particular is a two minute walk to the public bus station for easy access to surrounding entertainment and downtown.

Getting Around

When you stay in hotels near Rolls-Royce Headquarters in London you should take advantage of the public metro stations in downtown for quick access to sightseeing and dining. You will benefit from having your own vehicle when you stay outside of downtown. The smaller towns of Chichester and Goodwood have recreation and dining within a few minutes’ walk from your stay, however a day trip into downtown for additional sight-seeing is much more convenient and efficient when you have a rental car.

Additional Info

Keep in mind that when you stay in bed and breakfast hotels, such as the Flint Cottage Bed and Breakfast and George and Dragon Inn that they specifically ask that you don’t smoke in the room. You are also enjoying local hospitality and they may have rules about shoes. It is always a good idea to bring slippers if you prefer to wear shoes in the house just in case you are asked to remove them. The owners can usually recommend nearby dining options if you are planning a special evening out as well, so be sure and ask.