Right between the River Thames and Trafalgar Square is hotel whose very name is the perfect description of the level of quality it provides. Make a reservation at the Grand at Trafalgar Square and convenience to...

Trafalgar Square

When a city has been around for almost two thousand years, it’s bound to have more than its fair share of historical landmarks. Plenty of cities in Europe of architectural wonders that have stood the test of time and offer a frozen glimpse into a bygone era but most remain that way by being only tourist attractions without much public function. Book a stay at the hotels near Trafalgar Square in London and you’ll be footsteps from a local landmark that is coming up on its bicentennial yet is still very active as a public area of community events.

History and Community

Originally commissioned by George IV in the 1820s and named for the British victory over the French and Spanish in the Napoleonic War, it was completed in 1845 by Sir Charles Barry.  In 1960, work on the south side of the square revealed remains of prehistoric animals from 40,000 years before and the entire square was redeveloped in 2003.  Today, the original monuments still stand, including Nelson’s Column, a landmark so important that the Nazi’s had plans to transport it to Berlin as part of a successful British invasion, statues of George IV, General Sir Charles James Napier, Charles I, James II, George Washington, and Major-General Sir Henry Havelock and busts of Lord Jellicoe, Lord Beatty and First Sea Lord Admiral Cunningham.  But the area isn’t just an open place to admire past heroes.

It is also host to a number of annual events including the New Year’s Eve celebration, the Victory in Europe Day Celebration, and the lighting of the Trafaglar Tree at Christmas, as well as political, community and sporting events, many on the open Fourth Plinth.  A room or suite at the hotels near Trafaglar Square London will get you far more than the chance to see another historical location, it will open up a big piece of the important backstory of an incredible city.

Comfort and Convenience

Those two words are extremely important when you are selecting a hotel for any kind of trip and the hotels near Trafaglar Square in London offer both in an almost unprecedented quality.  Convenience takes on a whole new meaning when each of the hotels up for your choosing have the name of your landmark destination in their titles.  That means that they aren’t just close to the square, they’re right on top of it.  And comfort?  Comfort on its own is a fine thing but isn’t it better when it comes with something more?  How about the elegance and luxury?

Book at The Trafalgar Hotel and you’ll find that your comfort comes with the highest class of hospitality.  Or perhaps you want something elegant and also unique.  Check out the Club Quarters or the Grand for a quality stay that comes standard with one of a kind extras like in-room yoga kits and loaner iPads.  And if you want your comfort to last all that much longer, check out the spacious apartments at the Citadines Trafalgar Square.  All you have to do is choose and let the hotels near Trafalgar Square in London give you an amazing vacation.