Location, location, location! Nobody wants to travel to a city like London that has so much to offer and be too far away to enjoy it. The Hotel Russell is convenientlylocated in the center of Bloomsbury. While there...

Hotels near The University of London

University of London

Become part of the family of the University of London, totaling over 120,000 students, between all the colleges and research institutes. When applying, you will belong to both your specific college of interest and the overall University of London, opening up all kinds of possibilities for stepping outside your comfort zone.  Push yourself academically and socially, and find a career after graduating. The beautiful campuses, highly educated professors and endless opportunities are just a few exciting things about the University!

The great amount of diversity through the colleges means that students get to experience lives they otherwise may not have been introduced to, and means that there is a consistent flow of incredible research breakthroughs and creative products coming out of your school.  Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this? Come visit during one of their open days throughout the year and schedule a tour at the same time as booking one of the hotels near the University of London! Shortened courses, summer programs and pre-college visits are all available, including online courses that have over 50,000 people across the world enrolled.

Around The Neighborhood

Explore the area surrounding the hotels near the University of London – enjoy parks, museums, great food and entertainment. Russell Square borders the southern side of the University and offers visitors, students and faculty a beautiful park to grab some lunch, do some studying or escape the pressures of a hectic business trip.  When you have an afternoon free or looking to pass time on a rainy Saturday head over to the British Museum.  Egyptian mummies, Greek art and traveling exhibitions make for an exciting adventure for all ages.

Once every month, the U of London’s Senate House puts on a free concert at lunch time, open to the public! If you’re visiting during one, stop by and enjoy good music and meet members of the community! There’s something for you, too, sports fans! By booking one of the hotels near the University of London, it makes attending a sporting event that much easier. With nearly 5,000 students taking part in sports leagues, there’s sure to be a place for you. Wembley Stadium, Wimbledon and Lord’s Cricket Ground, and Premier League football are all London’s sporting areas that would be awesome to visit!

Where to Stay

With so many different programs, studies, and degree options, the kinds of people attracted to the University of London are vast. This means the hotels near the University of London need to be, too. The Academy, Garth Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Russell and Staunton Hotel are all centrally located but are different in their style and price range! Don’t make your trip more inconvenient and difficult than it needs to be by staying far away.


London is great city for getting around easily and the areas around the hotels near the University of London are no exception.  Visitors have the option of a city bus, the London Tube, double decker buses and taxis as well.  With so many options around every corner you’ll find a way to get from place to place with ease.