Westminster Palace

The hotels near Westminster Palace in London have an advantage over almost every other hotel in the city. Not only do they offer comfort under the banner of some of the best brands in hospitality but they are only minutes from a local landmark that is far more an icon of the city, and country, than just a tourist attraction. The Westminster Palace is the home to Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the legislative body of the United Kingdom. That, in and of itself, is enough to make the Palace worth visiting but, incredibly, there is even more.

Historical Significance

The original Westminster Palace was built in the eleventh century to be the home of the Kings of England. In 1512, a fire destroyed many of the buildings and, after that point, only the Parliament called it home and that was only until a second, greater fire wiped out everything by Westminster Hall, St. Stephen’s, the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft and the Jewel Tower in 1834. At that point, a full reconstruction of the Palace began, initially under the design of Charles Barry. In the end, though it took thirty years, the new building incorporated everything but the Jewel Tower and remains standing to this day.

Though much of it isn’t open to the public, your stay at the hotels near Westminster Palace in London will allow you see the beauty of its external architecture, including Big Ben, and, with certain permissions, the viewing gallery of the House of Commons or get in line for limited attendance to a session of Parliament. It is truly a cornerstone of the city and a must see location no matter what is bringing you to visit.

Stay Close, Stay Comfortable

As much of the interior that is accessible to the public requires the right timing to be on of the lucky few to gain attendance, you are going to want to ensure you choose one of the hotels near Westminster Palace London to call home while you wait. Even though that convenience is definitely a key selling point, the chance to be comfortable while you wait is fairly important as well. But even comfort and convenience aren’t the only qualities you’ll want to consider.

Price is almost right on par with both. Fortunately for you, the hotels near Westminster Palace in London offer the perfect balance of all three. Select the Park Plaza for an elegant stay that is designed to support a long visit in ever more spacious accommodation options. Go with the DoubleTree and get that guaranteed quality known the worldwide and start it all off with a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Or save a bit more and choose from either the Tune Hotel or the Comfort Inn for an economy stay minutes from the Palace, loaded with great standard services and amenities. Give yourself a night’s sleep like you’ve never had and be ready in the morning to take in everything the city has to offer with a room or suite at the hotels near Westminster Palace in London.