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Hotels near Edison International in Rosemead CA: A Guide

A Name with Power

If you are choosing to stay at one of the hotels near Edison International in Rosemead, CA, then you are in town to do business with a company that is not just a global utility giant but a living example of American tradition.  It’s origins stretch all the way back to merging of Holt and Knupp, who were responsible for the lighting of Visalia, California, on the fourth of July in 1886, and the Santa Barbara Electric Light Company, who installed outdoor arc lights to illuminate Santa Barbara the same year, under the name Southern California Edison Light Company in 1909.  Though the energy company was only tied to Edison himself through the use of his patents, something he required to go in hand with the use of his name, it did continue his noble tradition of invention and hard work over the next century.  It has been responsible for the world’s largest highest-head hydro plant in 1928 and the world’s largest man-made lake in 1931. After almost a century of acquisitions and mergers that expanded their influence across the world, they took on the name Edison International in 1996.

A Working Vacation

When you book a room or suite at one of the hotels near Edison International in Rosemead, CA, you can count on two very big things.  The first is that you will get a great night’s sleep in a quality hotel minutes from your work at the Edison headquarters.  The second is that your business trip to Southern California is going to magically transform into a working vacation.  That’s because, beyond the parks and history of Rosemead itself the glamour and beauty of Los Angeles is only 12 miles away.  That means you’ll be perfectly located to be right on time to your meetings and then able to take whatever off time you can squeeze out to have a true California experience.