Get that true California experience with a room or suite at the Holiday Inn Torrance Hotel.  From its gleaming tower-like exterior behind a row of palm trees to the eco-friendly Green Engage policies, you’ll...
What’s better than getting all the benefits of staying with a hotel chain that is known the world over for providing amazing services and attractive amenities for an affordable rate?  Getting a hotel room or...

Holiday Inn Hotels in Los Angeles

It’s All In the Name

How can you deny the appeal of a hotel chain with the word holiday right in its name?  Book with any of the Holiday Inn hotels in Los Angeles and you’ll experience the modern evolution of a tradition in hospitality that got its start over 60 years ago.  Dissatisfied with his experiences at other motels, Kemmons Wilson decided he could do better and began work on his first location.  The name for it was actually offered as a joke by his architect, referring to the musical film Holiday Inn that had come out a few years earlier.

The name stuck and the first Holiday Inn Hotel Courts opened in August of 1952 in Memphis.  The next year, three more new hotels in the Memphis area were opened, and by 1956, there were 23 Holiday Inns in operation, all getting solid reviews from guests.  Due to Wilson’s dedication to undoing his own disappointment in the industry, the chain took off and by 1968 the number of hotels with his joke of a name on it had reached 1,000 and were all getting excellent reviews.

Comfort You Can Count On

Even if you aren’t a world-weary traveler, odds are you’ve heard of the Holiday Inn and there’s a very good reason for that.  With over 3,000 locations all over the world, it is living proof of what hard work and excellent customer service can net you.  You can experience this testament to quality first-hand when you choose to stay at one of the Holiday Inn hotels in Los Angeles.  And not only will you enjoy a variety of options reflected in a range of affordable rates and top-notch services, you’ll also find a location near just about anything you could be in Southern California to see or do.  Find your perfect holiday with any one of the Holiday Inn hotels in Los Angeles today.