The Radisson Hotel Whittier is a gorgeous hotel with countless amenities and fantastic location on Greenleaf Avenue. Radisson hotels have always been held in high esteem and this property should be also. With free...
Radisson hotels have held an esteemed position in the hospitality business and the Radisson at USC, Los Angeles is no exception. The hotel is located on the University of Southern California Campus and offers phenomenal...

Radisson Hotels in Los Angeles

The Radisson hotels in Los Angeles are inviting, accommodating, and conveniently located hotels for your visit to L.A. and Hollywood. The Radisson at USC, Los Angeles has a great location close to the University of Southern California, making it a prime choice for potential students or friends and families of students. In fact, many happy guests have had a great experience and immediately give a positive review to friends and family upon their return.

The Radisson Hotel Chatsworth is close to it all and offers amenities to suit every guest. The Radisson Hotel Whittier is another of the Radisson hotels in Los Angeles that will make you feel right at home, in addition it’s very close to the popular Whittier College. Any one of these hotels are sure to fit your needs. Plus, their staff will gladly take care of you during your stay.

Attractions and Things To Do

The Radisson hotels in Los Angeles are in prime locations for guests to access everything that is popular in Los Angeles. Visitors who are in the area for functions at USC or Whittier College will find Radisson hotels close to both colleges.

The popular Disneyland Resorts and Theme Park is within quick driving distance of the Radisson hotels in Los Angeles and a great place to take the kids. Knott’s Farm is also a wonderful trip to take with the family, with rides and a fun carnival atmosphere, and is close to these Los Angeles hotels. If you are in town for business, these establishments are convenient to many business hubs and also near the airport for quick and easy traveling. If you want to take a gander on the Santa Monica Pier, the Radisson Hotel Chatsworth isn’t far at all and the attraction is worth your time. Los Angeles has so much to offer both business and leisure guests, and this hotel brand offers rooms and suites in the best location to be close to it all.

Getting Around Los Angeles

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation system, Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Downtown Area Short Hop all service the suburbs and downtown areas of Los Angeles County. With these systems, guests can maneuver around the city and enjoy the sites and attractions without having to get a rental car. The buses and rail systems have stations at many of the popular attractions, and they operate on a daily basis with schedules that are very consistent. If you are staying at any of the Radisson hotels in Los Angeles, there are local bus shuttles and rental car stores that can also help you get around.

Additional Info

Los Angeles is a city that never stops. From movie stars to popular theme parks, you are sure to find excitement during your stay in Los Angeles. The Radisson hotels in Los Angeles enhance your vacation by making it easy for you to go exploring and leave the rest up to them. The friendly staff can direct you to the tourist areas and main attractions to get the most out of your Los Angeles visit.