Enjoying a day along the coast is easy at Surfside Beach. The quiet beach provides access to beach fun with picnic areas, jogging trails, and concession stands. The Daddy O Hotel is located just minutes from Surfside...
Beautiful beaches and quiet serenity is what you will find at Surfside Beach in Miami. The open water views allow you to spend hours lounging in the sand and cooling off in the waves. The Sea View Hotel, Bal Harbour,...
One of the beautiful coastal areas in Miami, Surfside Beach can provide you with the best in beach fun. Take a stroll along the sandy beaches, dipping your toes into the saltwater along the way. The Sun Harbour...
For a quiet beach experience in the Miami area, visit Surfside Beach, located on Collins Avenue. Surfside offers breathtaking beach views, concession stands, picnic tables, and even sand jogging paths. The Beach...

Hotels near Surfside Beach in Miami - Travel Guide

Whether you want a charming resort or a large hotel like the Grand, hotels near Surfside Beach in Miami provide you with the best in comfort amenities and services to make your trip in Miami truly enjoyable. Surfside Beach is a picturesque beach area located in Miami, starting from North Shore Open Space Park and continuing until 96th Street. The beautiful beach area provides you with plenty of space for enjoying the Atlantic. Exercise along the jogging path near Surfside, claim a yoga mat for a calming waterfront yoga session, or simply lay out in the sun and bask in the warmth that is Miami.

The Daddy O Hotel is a contemporary boutique hotel in the Bal Harbour area that is just minutes from Surfside. The hotel is within walking distance to several restaurants and shops, making it easy for you to tour the area on foot. The Bal Harbour hotel provides a daily continental breakfast for every guest, so you will be ready to start the day. The Palm Restaurant is located on-site and can give you the option of enjoying premium steakhouse cuisine for lunch and dinner. You may also choose to order room service 24/7.

Beach Place Miami is another hotel choice near Surfside and provides you with affordable guest accommodations. The hotel has 53 spacious guest rooms with access to outdoor swimming facilities. The Surfside hotel offers several guest room types, from a full bed room to double suites, so you can choose a guest room that will suit your individual needs. Upgrade to a guest suite to have access to private kitchen facilities, including refrigerator, oven, and microwave. Each of these appliances can make your trip even more affordable by allowing you to dine in-room at minimal cost.

Things to Do

At Surfside Beach, you will be able to enjoy all beach activities. For exercising, the beach offers a hard-packed jogging trail that is perfect for running in the early morning hours. Bring your beach chair and relax with your favorite book as you soak up the sun. Cool off with a quick dip in the Atlantic or bring a float to drift with the waves. If you have the skill, bring a surfboard and try your hand at mastering the Florida waves. For snacks, the Surfside Beach also provides concession stands so you can enjoy a cool treat during your day out at Surfside.

Getting Around

Most hotels near Surfside Beach are located just a few minutes from the beach, so a simple drive can take you to the beach area. If you did not drive, you can rent a vehicle or see if the hotel offers shuttle or car service. Taxis can also be rented, but they have a higher cost for continual rides. You also have the option of renting a bicycle and riding to the nearby restaurants, shops, and beaches.

Additional Info

As you enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities, do not forget the city of Miami offers so much more. While staying at hotels near Surfside Beach in Miami, take the time to visit the local clubs or bars. You will find the nightlife quite interesting and have great fun spending time dancing and tasting local cocktails.