Formerly one of the Econo Lodge Hotels, the Surf City Inn and Suites offers you the same friendly and professional service you except from this welcoming chain hotel. Pet-friendly, you can bring your four-legged...
Receive a great value on your Monterey Bay vacation with a stay in Econo Lodge Hotels. The Econo Lodge Salinas, located just outside of Monterey, is within a 20-minute drive of the Monterey State Beach. Shopping...
With a stay at Econo Lodge Hotels, you can rely on friendly service, useful amenities, and a great deal on your vacation in Monterey Bay. The Econo Lodge Bay Breeze is close to the Monterey State Beach, shopping...

Econo Lodge Hotels

Comfort and Convenience

When you search for that great deal on your family vacation to Monterey, consider the Econo Lodge hotels in Monterey, CA. You can rely on chain hotels to provide you with a certain level of convenience and comfort during your stay in the area. Econo Lodge hotels are a great option for family because they not only provide comfort and convenience; they offer family-friendly amenities such as, free continental breakfast and on-site entertainment. Parents that need to stay connected to work while they travel have access to free high-speed Internet, so it is easy to ensure that corporate needs are met.

Room choices can accommodate roll-away beds and cribs, so families can room together while they vacation. Some hotel options, such as the Surf City Inn and Suites, are pet-friendly. Bring along your four-legged family member with you.

Stay at the Econo Lodge Monterey and let the kids splash in the pool while you get some work done on the free Wi-Fi. You are within a five minute drive to the beach for an easy family filled day of fun. The Econo Bay Breeze and the Econo Lodge Salinas offer you all the great amenities of an Econo Hotel and add a central location to your list of comforts. Drive short distances to must-see recreation in the bay area. You can easily visit the aquarium, museums, and go golfing all within a 20-minute drive of your hotel.

Getting Here and There

Depending on your location, you can take advantage of the public bus system and save on the expense of a rental car when you stay in Econo Lodge hotels in Monterey, CA. The public bus has a stop at the beach for your convenience. The Surf Inn and Suites is within an 11-minute walk of the beach, if you primarily want to spend your time beachside. The other Econo Lodges would require a rental car to easily access all of the recreation in your area. You will have more freedom to visit recreation on the coastline and throughout downtown with your own vehicle.