Pierre du Clavet, in Old Montreal near the Bonsecours Market, offers a unique and wonderful opportunity to experience the history of the city. The hotel is housed in what was originally a private mansion, built...
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Bonsecours Market in Montreal

History Come to Life

There are many excellent reasons to visit Montreal, and if one of yours is to steep yourself in the history and beauty of the city, you may want to consider one of the many beautiful hotels near Bonsecours Market in Montreal. You can stay in a building built in the 18th century, stroll along cobblestone streets, and generally enjoy the ambiance of a time long past.

Old Montreal is an area where visitors can explore the history that led to the vibrant culture you’ll find in the area today. In some places, you can see the original fortifications built to protect the city. The Old Port was first used as a trading post by French fur traders as early as 1611. Throughout this old part of a modern city, efforts have been made to both preserve and showcase the history and culture of Montreal.

The Bonsecours Market

The Bonsecours Market itself is a symbol of the city’s past. Construction began in 1844, and by the mid-1860s the building was complete. The great dome of the Palladian-style building, with imposing columns across the front, is an attraction in and of itself. It served as the main marketplace for the city of Montreal for more than 100 years, and though it has not been used as a market since the 1960s, it is still an important part of the city’s history.

In addition to being a public market, the building also served as Montreal’s City Hall for a time. It even hosted a session of the Canadian Parliament. Today, Bonsecours Market is home to shops, cafes, restaurants, and event facilities. It is a great tourist attraction, and many of Montreal’s artists and craftspeople sell their products there.

Area Hotels

In the spirit of preserving and celebrating the history of the area, many of the hotels near Bonsecours Market in Montreal are housed in very old buildings. A private mansion built in the 1700s holds one such hotel, and another is housed in old warehouses that have been beautifully remodeled. Guests enjoy architectural details such as exposed brick, mellowed by the years, posts and beams made from ancient trees, and hardwood floors that beautifully tell of many years of use.

Many of the hotels near Bonsecours Market in Montreal have excellent restaurants attached, so good food will be easy to find. Whether you want authentic French fare, or you’d like to experience the British favorite fish and chips, you won’t have any trouble satisfying your taste buds. Regardless of where you stay, what you do, or what you eat, you’ll quickly realize that a stay in Old Montreal can be memorable for all the right reasons.

Nearby Attractions

Today, the Old Port of Montreal is one of the most famous sights in the city. Parks, restaurants, walking trails, hotels, theaters, and more fill the area. Whether you choose to rent a Segway for a novel view of the area, or you enjoy one of the many cruises through the St. Lawrence River, you’re sure to find ways to have fun during your stay in the Old Port.