The Spa and Hotel Le Finlandais offers relaxation, luxury, and proximity to some of the best golfing in Canada. The Club de Golf Le Versant, and its four fantastic courses, is nearby, as well as a long list of parks,...
The Imperia Hotel & Suites Terrebonne, Imperia Hotel & Suites Terrebonne located near the Club de Golf Le Versant, provides luxury and comfort in a gorgeous setting. Take your choice of four beautifully maintained...

Club de Golf Le Versant Inc

A Hotel to Fit Your Needs

The hotels near the Club De Golf Le Versant vary from basic and clean, to upscale and luxurious. Whether you just want a room with a comfortable bed where you feel secure enough to leave your baggage, or you desire more amenities, you’ll find something that is just right in the region.

Several of the hotels in the area include spa facilities, so if there are members of your travel party who prefer pampering to golfing, finding an appropriate place to stay shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, after a day of golf, a massage or other spa treatment may be the perfect way to transition to an evening of entertainment.

Area Attractions

The Club De Golf Le Versant itself is a popular attraction in the area just north of Montreal. It is located in the small town of Terrebonne, where you’ll find beautiful scenery, and a few interesting amusements. Nearby, the towns of Rosemere and Laval have more restaurants and attractions. All of the small towns nearby are happy to serve guests who come for the golf.

There are four courses at Le Versant, and each one is meticulously maintained. Enjoy fabulous views, unparalleled service, and invigorating fresh air. The club facilities are beautiful, as well. The capacity is 1000 guests, so most events can be easily accommodated. The restaurant, bar, lounge, covered terrace, and mobile canteen insure that you need not perish from hunger during your visit.

The town of Trebonne has several parks and attractions that visitors may be interested in exploring. The Isle des Moulins is a park and historical site on an island. There are events such as art shows held there throughout the year. It is ideal for a picnic or stroll. The Theatre du Vieux Terrebonne hosts many different types of performances, and is an intimate setting.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content

In nearby Laval, you’ll find Quebec’s largest shopping mall, Carrefour Laval. With hundreds of stores, and an enormous food court, you’ll find plenty to see and do! If you prefer small shops to large malls, you’ll want to visit the Laval business district where there are many unique shops and stores.

The Best of Both Worlds

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about the hotels near the Club De Golf Le Versant is that they offer the best of both worlds. The area has a pastoral atmosphere, with rivers, small islands and spectacular views, but is just a short distance from the city of Montreal. Business travelers often find the proximity of the city particularly appealing, as do vacationers who want both an excellent golf experience and the excitement of Montreal nightlife.

Whether you choose a basic hotel where you can sleep and shower, or a hotel with an attached spa where you can relax in a sauna or enjoy other spa services, or you require a more business-oriented establishment, you will most likely find helpful service. The professionals who staff the hotels near the Club De Golf Le Versant work hard to make sure visitors enjoy their time in the area.