The Gouverneur Hotel Montreal is located at 1415, St. Hubert Street  in the Latin Quarter, where you’ll find an abundance restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. As a guest you’ll enjoy a gorgeous...
Located at 2024, St-Denis Street in Montreal, the Auberge Le Jardin D’Antoine is in a prime location in the Latin Quarter of the city. As a guest, you’ll enjoy not only spacious and comfortable accommodations,...

Hotels Near Latin Quarter in Montreal

For your next visit to Montreal, check out the Latin Quarter neighborhood. The area is packed with restaurants and entertainment. You’ll never run out of things to do and see. The hotels near Latin Quarter in Montreal get you close to all of it, while offering great accommodations. The Auberge Le Jardin D’Antoine is a lovely french-style hotel with a gorgeous terrace where you can enjoy a peaceful tea and snack or read a book. The Quality Hotel & Suites Downtown provides a budget-friendly complimentary breakfast. Hotel Gouveneur Place Dupuis Montreal has all the luxuries, including a glistening pool and a fully-equipped workout facility. The Hotel Saint Denis has superb on-site dining at the Paccini Restaurant for all meals and snacks during your stay. All of these hotels near Latin Quarter in Montreal put you close to all the fun.

Attractions and Things To Do

When you stay close to the Latin Quarter in Montreal, you’ll have endless options for nearby attractions and things to do. The kids in your party will have a blast at La Ronde amusement park, where you’ll find carnival fun for all. Take the whole family to the Montreal Botanical Gardens and Insectarium and discover the wildlife that you never knew existed. The Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal and Christ Church Cathedral are both breathtaking sites of art and architecture. The Museum of Fine Arts is where you’ll find rare pieces of art and exhibitions from famed artists. Be sure to visit Mont Royal Park in the city center for peaceful and scenic trails, grand monuments, and the famous Saint Joseph’s Oratory. The Underground is the place for shoppers, and really anyone who wants to marvel at a city under the city. The hotels near Latin Quarter also offer close proximity to countless restaurants, a movie theater, and several boutiques.

Getting Around Montreal

The island of Montreal offers tourists so much art, entertainment, and history. The city makes it easy to get to all these sites and attractions with the very intricate public transportation system. The buses run constantly throughout the day, and have stations everywhere. The commuter rail and metro have a combined 120 stations throughout the island for your convenience. In addition, the fares are quite reasonable, and can save you a bundle if you purchase the week pass or one of the weekend passes. The city also has quite a number of taxis. Of course, the friendly staff at the hotels near Latin Quarter in Montreal will gladly assist in any arranging of transportation that you may need.

Additional Info

Montreal is a beautiful city to visit no matter what time of year you are traveling. However, if you are on a strict and tight budget, try to plan your trip during the spring and fall months. The hotels have better rates and more vacancies, and you will not have lines and wait times at the attractions and restaurants that you would during the popular summer and winter months. In addition, the weather is still relatively mild and pleasant.