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Notre Dame Basilica

Hotels near Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal

Every city has a certain amount of history contained within its boundaries. Montreal is no different. People who are interested in exploring this city’s centuries of history should reserve a room at one of the hotels near Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. The rooms at these hotels are as historical as the attractions that are located around them. When you’re booking a trip that centers around history, you have to explore everything that’s going on within a particular city. The people who live there will be able to tell you the places you should go. Companies exist for the sole purpose of providing tours to people who want to see historical sites, but are not familiar with the area in which they’re located.

The best thing for people who are interested in history is to start at one of the hotels near Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal and then work their way outward. Most of the time historical districts have clusters of historical sites in a small space. Old Montreal is the place you should go when you’re trying to find important facts and treasures from times past. This part of the city has attractions that stretch back to New France, a French colony that encompassed parts of Canada, and modern day sections of the east coast of the United States. The history that you will find in this part of the city will require multiple trips to the area.

Area Attractions 

Each historical site has a story that’s all its own. It’s up to the people who are coming from their hotels near Notre Dame Basilica Montreal to see what it’s all about. A lot of the places that have historical significance tend to provide people with piles of information about their establishment. Beyond this information, there are stories that add additional layers of richness to the scenario. The makeup of these historical sites has the tendency to change as time goes on, meaning travelers will see something new every time they visit them.

When preparing a must-see list for your time in Montreal, you’ll want to consider stopping by the Museum of Fine Arts. You can sign up for a guided tour, or examine the works of local artists on your own. Afterward, swing by the Biodome to learn more about the world’s ecosystems. There are four different ecosystems on display that will give you an appreciation of the environment around you. There’s also the Montreal Botanical Garden for learning about area plant life, the Montreal Casino for taking part in a few poker games, and the Bell Centre for basketball games.

The Basilica Itself

Each of the hotels near Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal give you easy access to the famous church. Bring your camera because you’ll want to take pictures of the Gothic architecture and the beautiful stained glass windows. An 1891 pipe organ is still on display with its 7,000 pipes and a pedal board. Every Tuesday through Saturday there are light and music shows that you’ll want to attend. Perhaps the biggest event that takes place at the basilica is the performance of Handel’s Messiah each Christmas.