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Olympic Stadium

Hotels near Olympic Stadium in Montreal

When you stay at one of the hotels near Olympic Stadium in Montreal, you’ll find that the experience will take you back to the time when the games were being held. The stadium is costly piece of art that has definitely held up over time. There were issues with the roof of this structure from the moment it opened, causing it to be closed for lengthy periods of time for repairs. They have since overcome these issues, and now the stadium is a sight to behold for people who live in the city, as well as those who are coming in from the outside.

The Stadium Itself

Touring the Olympic Stadium in Montreal will give you a sense of what went on during the games. After the games were finished, they built a tower onto the stadium to increase it architectural appeal. You could go from this spot to all the other venues that were a part of the games. That’s another benefit that comes from staying at hotels in Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Having a trip that’s centered on the 1976 Summer Olympics might not seem like the best possible option; however, you have to consider all the other things you’re getting out of the adventure.

Additional Attractions 

There will come a time when you want to venture outside of the hotels near Olympic Stadium in Montreal to find other things that are going on in the city. You have probably stayed in places that have a considerable amount of culture. Montreal is another one of those destinations. You’ll be in awe of all the talent that’s coming out of this city. You need to pay attention to the events that you will be able to see at no cost to you. These events are held at a number of different locations.

Venturing off the beaten path from hotels in Olympic Stadium in Montreal is not the worst thing in the world. You’ll get a sense of why people are so passionate about their city. A few attractions to consider include the Biodome, which has four different water ecosystems you can tour to learn more about the world we live in, the Bell Centre, which hosts basketball games and concerts, and the Notre Dame Basilica that is truly breathtaking to behold.

Getting Around Montreal

When you’re ready to leave the comfort of your choice of hotels near Olympic Stadium in Montreal, you’ll find that it is a cinch to get around. This city is known for being walkable. Of course, if you have need of traveling further than your feet can take you, you’ll discover that bus and metro fares are very reasonable.