During your visit to New Orleans, you may want to consider staying at the Midtown Hotel – Midtown New Orleans. It is conveniently located, making it easy for you to visit places like Rock ‘n Bowl, where...
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The Crescent Palms Motel, located near fun attractions like the Rock ‘n Bowl, gives visitors a chance to be immersed in history. This hotel has been carefully restored to its cool, slightly funky 1962 splendor...

Rock n' Bowl

Hotels near Rock n’ Bowl in New Orleans

When you visit New Orleans, you may want to consider staying in one of the many hotels near the Rock ‘n Bowl. Whether you are looking for a hotel where you can immerse yourself in the history of the city, or you want a place that offers the sleekest, most modern accommodations possible, you’re sure to find it in the area around the Rock ‘n Bowl.

One of the things that you will find at any of the hotels near the Rock ‘n Bowl is that they are staffed by professionals who are dedicated to making sure guests enjoy their time in the city. Southern hospitality is alive and well in New Orleans, and unparalleled service in the hotels near Rock n’ Bowl in New Orleans is a result.

Whether you are looking for a suite for a longer stay, a room with a large amount of space for lounging around, or you want a cozy room with a whirlpool tub, you’ll find something that suites your needs perfectly among the hotels near Rock ‘n Bowl. With food, gorgeous scenery, and fine hospitality in New Orleans, you’ll be planning a return trip before you leave!

Attractions Close to the Hotels near Rock n’ Bowl New Orleans

Although Rock ‘n Bowl is not one of the oldest businesses in New Orleans, it’s certainly one of the most beloved and celebrated. The owner happened to serve an alligator po’ boy to an out of town visitor in 1993, just a few years after the place opened. That visitor turned out to be a writer for the National Geographic, who was working on a story about New Orleans. He included a page about the Rock ‘n Bowl in his article, and the venue grabbed national and international attention. Things haven’t slowed down much since.

Every Thursday night there is zydeco music, which is a draw for many visitors. Other nights there are local acts, and the Rock ‘n Bowl is a conduit for local musicians to be heard by a larger audience. Oh, and you can bowl there, too!

If you are staying at one of the hotels near Rock ‘n Bowl in New Orleans, there’s a chance that the hotel will have a restaurant. But, since New Orleans is famous for the food, you may want to venture out and sample the local fare. Most visitors have the sandwich New Orleans is famous for — the po’ boy. Oyster, shrimp, alligator — whatever filling you choose is sure to be delicious. Visit Johnny’s Po-Boys, or order one up at the Rock ‘n Bowl.

For a famous beignet, go to Cafe Du Monde. Coffee from just about any cafe in the French Quarter is sure to be delightful. To experience some of the best of the farm-to-table movement, try Ye Olde College Inn, which is near the Rock ‘n Bowl. The restaurant operates a ranch, where much of the food they serve is raised.