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The East Village & Lower East Side NYC Guide

New York City’s East Village: Culture and You

New York is, without question, one of the world’s most popular epicenters of tourism. Smart travelers and city insiders know that among the best places in the city to get into local culture is an area of Manhattan called East Village. It’s a bustling place, full of music, culinary wonders, and a few really incredible hotels, to boot. Check out not only hotels in the lower east side in New York City, but the area’s fantastic landmarks. There’s almost too much to explore here!

First, a Little History to get Your Bearings

East Village began its life as just another district of immigrant, working-class regular people. The fifties brought a new breed of citizen, however: beatniks. This culture soon flourished into the mid-to-late 1900s, establishing a huge artistic movement, an influx of crazily varied culture, and so much more. Graced by names like Andy Warhol, the famous artist, this Manhattan community has seen more than its fair share of culture, talent, and progress. It’s all culminated in the powerhouse location residents and visitors alike call either home or a great place to visit.

Culture? What About Culture?

Few would readily guess that underneath the shadow of one of the world’s landmark hotels, Trump Towers, there sits an undercurrent of vibrant music and art. However, you don’t even have to really look to realize the quality and variety of acts in the area. From punk rock to art-deco revivalists, it’s reasonable to state that NYC has never been more artistically alive!

Ever heard of Rent? It won a Tony award for best play produced in the world in 1996, and is loosely based on its setting – Alphabet City in East Village. Why not check out the place that inspired such award-winning entertainment? Millions of fans already have, after all! Holiday Inn NYC Lower East Side is just a few blocks from Alphabet City.

This mindset and inspiring community lives on in the city at large today. There’s an impressive amount to take in here, from beautiful city streets to idyllic locales. Chinatown and Little Italy is also in the area and another must-see site. For hotels in the lower East Side that are near Chinatown or Little Italy, try Wyndham Garden Chinatown New York.

So What Do I Get Out of All This?

They say a place is defined by its people. If this can be held to be true, you can kind of assume that it’s through culture that we learn about ourselves. This is why communities like East Village matter in the grand scheme of things. Through better and worse, good times and bad, it’s places like this incredible melting pot of American identity that act as a finger on the pulse of what this country is and what it means to live here.

A visit to East Village is therefore a kind of spiritual check-up. Stop by. Check out a blues act or two. Wander through an art gallery. You’ll enter a tourist, and leave with something you can’t quite place or name, but feel nonetheless. You’ll exit East Village with a piece of the very community you briefly existed among.