Adjacent to the Hudson River in the heart of New York, the Jane Hotel sits at 113 Jane Street in the West Village. The hotel offers accommodations that are true to its history with boat cabin-style rooms. The 1908...

Hotels near Greenwich Village & Travel Guide

Greenwich Village – A Beacon of Glamor Amongst the Big Apple

Another crown jewel in New York’s artistic underground, Greenwich Village is home to residents as varied and interesting as its history. This is a typical story for New York City, the perfect collision of culture and progress. Home to affluence and opulence, Greenwich Village is the perfect place for those craving a taste of the lifestyle of America’s elite from a comfortable base in any of the hotels near Greenwich Village. What a lifestyle that is.

Travelers? Why not Kings?

There’s a saying about New York City that goes something like “It’s the loudest city on Earth.” This could probably be affirmed by Greenwich Village. It’s not just bustling with people, mind you; it’s actually among the less-crowded boroughs in the Big Apple. No, Greenwich is visually loud. Striking color greets visitors from every angle. It’s a real amalgam of nature and society, featuring tree-lined avenues, Washington Square Park, and entertainment that somehow just flows from nature itself. Seriously, Greenwich is a sight to behold.

Maybe all this is why the neighborhood overall feels like it was intended for not just any weary traveler, but rather some member of royalty. You don’t have to be a stranger to this lifestyle. It’s not tricky to get a seriously amazing vacation out of the area’s hotels, as long as you’re ready for it. Here are a few tips.

Stay somewhere special. Greenwich is famous for the Hotel Albert, a place that hundreds of the world’s most famous historical figures, including the likes of Salvador Dali, have called home at some point. It’s a truly inspiring landmark with loads of personal features, and very adaptive to your personal needs. There’s good reason artists throughout time have called this locale their home, their muse, for decades at a time. Another hotel with special roots is the Jane Hotel in New York. This hotel has hosted a number of rockers over the years.

Eat like the Crown. New York City is home to some of the world’s greatest, most famous restaurants, and Greenwich Village is no exception to this rule. From famous steakhouses to top-notch eateries, Greenwich Village has a little of everything for all tastes, and it’s all spectacular. From elegance to Chinese takeout, rest assured you won’t go hungry.

Make a To-Do List. Grab a sheet of paper, look up local attractions, from Jefferson Market Courthouse to Washington State Park, and write them down. See the sights. There’s way more to see in this one district alone than you could possibly check out in a mere week or even a few. Don’t settle for boredom, get planning! The Jade Hotel Greenwich Village is a boutique hotel in Manhattan that’s popular for its Greenwich Village walking tours.

Get Around. No great NYC getaway really works without truly exploring the community. NYC is massive, sprawling across an entire landscape, and it houses some of the world’s most interesting, vocal, original people you’re ever going to find anywhere. If you’re willing to bring along your sense of adventure, NYC can certainly accommodate you.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Greenwich Village is a truly amazing place, all things considered. As long as you’re willing to explore and let your sense of adventure take over, you’ll find the hotels near Greenwich Village provide you with a vacation you’ll never forget.