Days Inn Oceanfront is designed to house both families and individual travelers. The hotel is a great spot for those looking to save money and be close to the beach and the Boardwalk. What better way to enjoy your...
The Grand Hotel & Spa has a spectacular look at night. The bright tan color of the hotel lights up like gold with the ocean as its backdrop. Vacationers will love the outdoor sundeck and pool located on the...

Embers Island Mini Golf

Hotels near Embers Island Mini Golf in Ocean City

Hotels near Embers Island Mini Golf in Ocean City will be a great choice for families traveling with children. If you’re looking for places to stay close to a major attraction for kids, then you should definitely consider the following hotels. Days Inn Oceanfront is a large but affordable hotel that’s steps away from the beach and a short distance from Embers Island Mini Golf, which makes it an excellent choice for families. There are two outdoor pools, plus a children’s pool. A queen size room with a balcony that’s designed to fit the needs of families is also available for booking.

The Grand Hotel & Spa is a very pleasant with bright, airy colors and designs that are perfect for those looking for a beachfront hotel. The pool is located on the second deck and comes with a delightful sundeck. Adults will love the spa treatment center, poolside bar, and a billiards table inside the hotel bar. Children will want to spend all their time at the arcade game room trying to beat the highest score of the day.

The Islander Motel is one of the most convenient hotels near Embers Island Mini Golf in Ocean City. Located near the beach and a number of fun attractions in the city, the motel has an outdoor pool, exterior corridor access to each room, and inexpensive rates for those looking to save money.

The Coastal Inn is appropriately named. It sits about two blocks away from the beach, the Boardwalk, and a short distance from Embers Island Mini Golf Course. For a great family trip, this hotel meets all your basic needs and puts you within walking distance from spending a full day being entertained.


Fun at Your Fingertips

Once you’re ready to venture out, a must-see is Embers Island Mini Golf Course. The place is fantastic and the children will have so much fun. More than a simple golf course, the site includes a make-believe world of pirates, volcanoes, caves, and water fountains. Children will enjoy learning about pirates and going through adventurous mazes. Adults and children will be ready to practice their swing with a game of golf, while navigating through the “dangerous” obstacles and water traps throughout the course.

The objective is to help you focus on your golf game amidst difficulties and sharpen your golf swing. There are two 18-hole golf courses. This tropical paradise opens at 9am and closes at 1am. You can choose to spend the entire day here or split your time up visiting other attractions close by like the Ocean Bowl Skate Park.

When it’s time to eat you don’t have to go far,  there’s a restaurant at the golf course, both formal and casual dinners. Be sure to check online about the different special events and any discounts offered at the golf course before you visit. There’s usually a July 4th celebration, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day events. Most of the hotels near Embers Island Mini Golf in Ocean City will have free Wi-Fi, so you can check while you’re at the hotel or in your room.