Stay near Ocean Pines at the Coconut Malorie Resort, on 200 59th Street on the Bay, Ocean City and enjoy beautiful views of the Isle of Wight Bay. The Roland E. Powel Convention Center and the Jolly Roger Amusement...
With a stay at Comfort Suites Ocean City, on 12,718 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, MD you are near Ocean Pines, West Ocean City for shopping and dining, and the Horn Island. Bring your family pet along with you this...
Stay near Ocean Pines on this trip to Ocean City and let the friendly staff at the Sea Bay Hotel, on 61st and Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD take care of all your needs. Enjoy the beautiful views from your private...
Enjoy a great location near Ocean Pines when you stay at the Best Western Ocean City Hotel & Suite, on 5501 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD. Conveniently situated in midtown Ocean City this hotel is perfect...

Ocean Pines

Things to Do

Ocean Pines is close to Ocean City in Maryland. It is directly across the Isle of Wright Bay from Ocean City. When you stay in hotels near Ocean Pines in Ocean City, MD, you are a convenient 15 minutes to the free 10 mile beach in Ocean City and the 3 mile boardwalk. You have the added advantage of sightseeing in Ocean Pines and Ocean City on your vacation. Both cities offer you gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and its tributaries out your hotel windows. If you are looking for a vacation near the ocean this is the place to be.

Go golfing at the Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club. You can fish and hike in the area as well as kayak and canoe. Rentals are available at the Swim and Racquet Club. Half day, full day and weekly rentals are available and they will even deliver to you. You can also take the family to the Jolly Roger Amusement Park and enjoy a family filled day of fun. They have segregated areas for all ages so there are rides and amusements that the whole family can enjoy.

Parks of all kinds are plentiful in Ocean Pines too. Visit the Swim and Racquet Club Park and enjoy the picnic area, swimming pool and tennis courts. Dog parks are well maintained and fenced in so that you can enjoy some recreation with your four-legged family member while on vacation.

Ocean Pines offers slip rentals at the marina as well as boat tours of the bay. Charter a boat or bring yours with you on vacation and tour the area. You can also rent jet skis and enjoy water sports in Ocean Pines and Ocean City.

Hotels near Ocean Pines in Ocean City, MD

The hotels near Ocean Pines in Ocean City, MD are reasonable so you can stay on budget and enjoy a little luxury on your vacation. They come standard with microwaves and small refrigerators too. Spacious accommodations with a private balcony and upscale atmosphere are what you can expect from the area; particularly when you stay at the Comfort Suites Ocean City, the Best Western Ocean City Hotel and Suites, and the Coconut Malorie Resort.

Some hotels provide you with a complimentary breakfast or have on-site dining for your convenience. Swimming pools on-site are a must to keep you family cool and these hotels provide you them, all with the ocean close by. The Sea Bay Hotel is another option that has particularly nice views that you can enjoy throughout your vacation in Maryland if you stay there.

Getting Here and There

Make the most out of your trip to Ocean Pines and Ocean City and drive from home with your own vehicle or rent a car if you are traveling from out-of-state. You can see more and be on your own time table. See all the recreation you want without limiting yourself and adding commute time on the public system.