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Hotels near Epcot Center and Things to Do

Attractions and Hotels Near Epcot Center in Orlando, FL

Epcot is one of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks, and by far its most innovative. Far from Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios, which seek primarily to entertain, Epcot is about showcasing human achievement. With several exquisite hotels near Epcot Center in Orlando, FL, rest assured that accommodation is the last thing you’ll have to think about. Simply get out there, open your mind, and explore Disney’s greatest achievement.

The Park Proper

Epcot is one of the four major theme parks within Walt Disney World. Overall, it’s the second-most popular of those four (Disney’s Magic Kingdom obviously comes in at number one for being the place every kid dreams of visiting). Epcot offers a very different experience than your typical park, however. In many ways, it’s a World’s Fair-turned-theme-park, featuring elements of culture from several major countries. Epcot even goes so far as to hire individuals from the countries its attractions represent for the sheer sake of authenticity.

It was built originally as a tribute to Walt Disney’s original vision for a utopian society that constantly innovated. While he died before the park could be constructed, the base idea for Epcot remains unchanged: to provide a look at the greatest innovation in American societal development. Other countries have joined the fray over the years, and now Epcot hosts a variety of nations, showcasing food, culture, and innovation from all walks of life in both Future World and World Showcase.

Arguably, Epcot’s main attraction is Spaceship Earth. One of the few rides this park features, Spaceship Earth takes visitors on a ride through human history. More a guided museum tour than a ride, the attraction is a stark visual treat as much as a history lesson.


In addition to simply hosting countries, Epcot provides visitors with the opportunity to sample foods and other culinary goods from around the world. There’s a ton of craft beers and an Oktoberfest buffet from Germany. Exquisite wines and souffles are on the menu in France. It doesn’t end at alcohol, either. Each country is represented by the foods that make it stand out in the world, from Morocco to Mexico and everywhere in between. Live belly dancing goes on while you dine on lamb in Morocco. Succulent wood-fired pizzas abound in Italy, or you can head to the U.K. for traditional fish and chips and a pint of ale.


Theme parks don’t traditionally have a ton of hotels near them, as they’re often set in towns with few other attractions. Epcot isn’t one such theme park. First and foremost, there’s an on-site resort, ensuring you won’t have to walk very far to see the sights of Epcot Center. In fact, the overall Epcot resort area features a staggering five resorts to choose from, which basically guarantees an awesome place to stay.

There’s also a cornucopia of getaways outside Disney World proper, from cheap chain hotels to lavish five-star resorts. Variety is plentiful among hotels near Epcot in Orlando, FL.

Epcot is a totally different experience for those of us used to the generic theme park experience. Far from the carnival-style rides, games, and food-on-a-stick of traditional theme parks, Epcot offers an IV shot of culture, history, and innovation that can truly be enjoyed by all. Disney World is officially for more than just the kids, indeed.