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Man in the Sea Museum

The Real Final Frontier

Far before we, as a species, ever even dreamed of shooting past the clouds and exploring the deep reaches of space, another vast and unknown world filled our dreams with wonder.  Given that the planet’s is more than seventy percent covered in water, it’s not hard to believe that even ancient man was seized with the desire to know what was waiting beneath the waves.  With a reservation at any one of the excellent hotels near Man in the Sea Museum in Panama City Beach, you can witness the history of deep sea exploration minutes away from the services and amenities that come with your spacious accommodations.  Examine the world’s first underwater living facility SEALAB-1 and the last of its follow-ups, SEALAB III.

Check out all various types of equipment that the bold adventurers of the briny deep have put to good use.  From the Mark V developed in 1837 to the armored suits of 1913, the museum houses these treasures as well as the more recent upgrades.  Take a tour of the museum’s collection of submarines and underwater vessels that have been used to transport the curious and the brave far down into the dark unknown.  Be sure to check out the calendar of events to see what’s going to be happening on the days you are in the area.  You can find an art or standard history museum in any city but only the hotels near Man in the Sea Museum in Panama City Beach will give you the opportunity to add a one of a kind museum  experience to your trip.

And When You’re Through…

The hotels near Man in the Sea Museum will give you as much to enjoy both right on-site and very nearby in the city.  At both the Holiday Inn and La Quinta Inn and Suites, you’ll find very attractively priced rooms and suites packed with extras like free parking, free wireless Internet access, and  outdoor pools and fitness facilities for your recreation.  For a stay that’s as completely unique as your visit to the museum, book at the Panama City Beach Bed and Breakfast where the clock stopped in 1950 and every guest is greeted like family.  Or turn your vacation dial all the way past ten with a fully loaded hotel experience at the Origin at Seahaven.  Private beach access, a Grand Pool Terrace overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and a 24-7 top of the line fitness center are just the bonuses adjoining your extravagant accommodations.

From economy to luxury, the hotels near Man in the Sea Museum in Panama City Beach provide you the chance to pick the kind of stay that suits you best and they’re all only minutes from your next visit to the museum’s singular collection.  And better still, you’ll find yourself just as close to the area’s beautiful beachfront, exquisite dining establishments, and wonderful shopping outlets.  Get a tan, eat your fill, and awaken your mind to the mysteries of the deep when you stay in these accommodations.