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Family-Friendly Hotels

Family-friendly hotels in Paris, France

The city of Paris can easily be enjoyed during a family vacation, with options for educational experiences, tasting new cuisine, and enjoying family style entertainment. Family-friendly hotels in Paris, France are your best option for accommodations in the city as the hotels are accommodating to children of all ages. Additional amenities and services can be found at the Jays Paris hotel and the Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel, allowing you a convenient and enjoyable stay in the city.

At the Mandarin Oriental Paris hotel, you’ll have access to several amenities for family-friendly travel. When traveling with babies or small toddlers, the hotel can offer you such items as bottle warmers and bathtubs, allowing you to travel light but still have the features you need for your children’s comfort. The on-site dining of the hotel also provides kid-friendly menus for smaller portions for your little ones.

A second hotel choice is Jays Paris, located in the city center. This luxury hotel offers modern amenities such as a full breakfast each morning and concierge service. Easily plan your daily activities with the help of the hotel staff as you tour the city of Paris.

Things to Do

There are many family friendly activities to enjoy on-site of your luxury hotel. Plan spa treatments, such as pedicures or manicures with your daughters or spend time swimming in the hotel pool. Enjoy dining, as well as workouts on-site during your stay.

Getting Around

In the immediate area of the hotel, most travel is done on foot. When you need to travel further into the city, choose the metro transportation with stations located throughout the city.

Additional Info

When you choose Family-friendly hotels in Paris, France, you’ll be able to enjoy quality accommodations as you explore the many fun and exciting attractions of the city. Spend time visiting such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the Conciergerie during your travels.