Hotels near Palais des Congres de Paris

The Action in Attraction

Every city has at least one spot that everyone, local and foreign, knows is the place to be to see the best shows.  If there is an event coming up on the calendar, the safe bet is that it will be calling that center home for its duration.

When you choose from among the excellent hotels near Palais des Congres de Paris, you are going to double down on your experience because you won’t only get a quality stay with the support of incredible services, you’ll also get direct convenience to one of the top venues for international and local events.

Built in 1974, it has served as host to innumerable unforgettable trade shows, concerts, live events, and conferences.  A plethora of shops and eateries grace its halls, from Sephora to Starbucks.  It’s lower level connects directly to the Porte Maillot metro stations ensuring that even if you didn’t take a room in the hotels near Palais des Congres de Paris, you would still have a way of travel.

But you aren’t going to do that, are you?  You’re going to want to be as close as possible to everything.  With a calendar that includes ballet music, retro movies on the big screen, opera, stage plays, and enormous corporate shows, being the first in line should be your main focus.

There are plenty of beautiful and significant attractions in the city, but only one puts all the action you could want, of any possible kind, in full color right before your eyes.

Comfort With A Capital C

Getting to your next event, and then back to your room, is only part of the equation, and that’s why the hotels near Palais des Congres de Paris didn’t just rest on the laurels of their location.  It’s possible it could all be summed up by simply saying that there isn’t a hotel among the group that has less than four stars to its name, but the details of each are so sumptuous, so elegant, that just a taste has to be given.

Choose Le Meridien Etoile and find yourself right across the street from the center and sharing space with a Jazz Club and steakhouse.  Reserve at the Hyatt Regency and you’ll be pampered with a quality known worldwide. Enjoy meals at Restaurant Lafayette and drinks at two different bars and free high-speed Internet.

At Les Jardins De La Villa, your breath will be taken from the moment you step inside the gorgeous lobby, and may never come back to you as you tour the patio, library, fitness center, and breakfast buffet.  And last, but very far from least, the Hotel Harvey offers up a more homey experience, with authentic local decor in a beautiful 19th century building.

No matter which of these unbelievable options you decide is perfect for you, not one of them is more than a seven minute walk from the center.  That’s right, the hotels near Palais des Congres de Paris aren’t just a short drive from your destination, they are quite literally footsteps away.