In the fall, Rachel Mauro of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was chosen as the very first winner of the $1,500 Reservation Counter scholarship. We’re thrilled to share a little more about Rachel and her career and life goals.



Since graduating with my associates degree in Early Childhood education in 2014, I have been searching for the right opportunity to use my degree. I have been working at a car dealership in the business office since I started school and while it provides great opportunities for advancement, I feel that I am not using my skills to my fullest extent. I have always felt that I am meant to help people, especially when it comes to children and families. When I started my degree, my intention was to become an early childhood educator, but after graduating I felt that it wasn’t enough. In my current workplace, I have gained many valuable skills that I want to be able to use in my future career. I have learned how to be confident as a leader in the workplace and lead through teamwork.

I have also learned the importance of being involved in the community. My company provides many volunteer opportunities to get involved in various causes within my community. Since starting in my position I have been able to walk for autism, participate in the relay for life, and other various community projects. I have also learned how to work for what I want in my future. Even though I know my current job is not my career, I have still put a priority on moving up and becoming the best I can be no matter where I work.

After much thought about going back to school, I have finally decided on my career path. I will be going back to receive a bachelor’s degree in human services and then move on to a master’s degree in social work. I feel confident in my ability to help people as well as use the many valuable skills from my career thus far. Most of my time is dedicated to work and will be dedicated to school as I transition back into schooling. The time that I have after that I use to spend time with my family. As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate and not take for granted the time and relationship that I have with my family.

My ultimate goal in life is to positively impact those around me. Not only do I want my personal life do to so, but also my career. By going for a career in social work, I feel that this will help me to accomplish my goal. I want to be in a field that I am challenged every day to improve lives of others. I believe that I have the heart for helping people and have a natural ability to do so, but with an in depth education focused on this career, I will be able to improve on my skills and make a difference. I have started my progress towards this goal with my previous degree. I further developed my passion for bettering the lives of children and their families by working with them every day. I know that the road towards achieving this goal will be full of obstacles, twists, and turns but I am looking forward to making a difference. The best part of this goal is that I do not have to wait until I graduate, I can positively impact someone today.


We wish the best of luck to Rachel and her endeavors. Do you have dreams of returning to college, attending college for the first time, or gaining certification in a career that excites you? Could you benefit from $1,500 towards your educational costs? Apply for the Fall 2016 Reservation Counter scholarship today.