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Rome Travel Guide

Discover an ancient civilization that holds a piece of each of us in its slowly crumbling, yet beautiful, walls. The awe-inspiring city of Rome, Italy is the epicenter of art, architecture and romance. You will find that a lifetime is not long enough to see every inch of the city and its magnificent beauty. If it is the one place you visit in your life, you will find it is the most impressive you can choose and you’ll be just as happy to have all your expectations exceeded by the hotels in Rome.

Blended Beauty

As you make your way through the cobblestone streets, visiting the very sites where the ancient Romans often leisurely lingered and relaxed, you find an impressive blend of modernity and antiquity. Although every building dates back to a time when construction was an art, there is a modern function that they serve very well. The Via Nazionale is a prime example of this, offering modern store fronts in Baroque style buildings. The modern Romans are some of the most fashion forward people in the world, yet you almost expect to see a man in a toga around the next corner. You will find the ancient city plays with your sense of time as you snap a picture of ruins that are roughly 3,000 years old with the latest, greatest smart phone. Visiting Rome is a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

‘Nothing comes from nothing’ is taken from the Roman philosopher Lucretius and is a perfect description of the Roman Empire. The ancient City of Rome was not built in a day, nor was it built from nothing. The hard working civilization constructed the most impressive buildings in the world that are still standing 3,000 years later. The Colosseum still stands tall among the crumbling ruins of the Roman Forum and is a testament to the architectural integrity of the people of those ancient times. Vatican City was built hundreds of years ago, with different buildings constructed at different points in history, but still remains the focal point for Christians everywhere. The Borghese dates back to the 1600’s and displays perfection in every corner and crevice, inside and out, that is still visible today. Hundreds of churches that date back thousands of years still dot the map of Rome with stunning architecture and fabulous art. Even the hotels in Rome, most restored from historic locations, represent this tradition.  It took years to create the Roman Empire that stretched across many lands but the heart of it all was Rome and that is where the heart, soul, and sweat of the civilization was built and still remains today.

Business and Banquets

If you want to plan a function in the beautiful city of Rome, there are many venues that are simply outstanding and offer modern amenities to help you flawlessly execute a perfect day and the hotels in Rome will get you perfectly located to take advantage of them.  A few of the top convention centers for the business visitors are PalaLottomatica, Palazzo Dei Congressi and the Villa Miani. These three are all located in Rome and give you the space and technology for a great business conference. In addition, find the perfect venue in The Eternal City, for your special day. The Villa La Torraccia di Sutri, the Palazzo Brancaccio and the Castello Odescalchi are all located inside Rome and offer catering menus, stunning views and pristine landscape for the picture perfect day. Impress your guests for your next event and do it from the comfort of the hotels in Rome.

Smell, Taste, Enjoy

Italians are known for their love and passion for good food and you cannot experience the Eternal City without indulging in the culinary culture surrounding your stay at the hotels in Rome. While out discovering the sites, eat as the Romans eat and grab a simple Suppli to hold you over. These crispy breaded rice balls have just a touch of tomato sauce and a gooey mozzarella ball in the center. Find a little butcher shop and order a few slices of fresh Italian meats and cheese and a crusty loaf for a little picnic by the river. Of course the pizza is amazing and you can choose from all styles including thin crust Margherita that you can find at San Calistos in Trastevere or thick, fluffy focaccia-style like the pizza at Pizza Art near John Cabot Campus. The little trattorias offer convenience snacks that are popular among the locals and are perfect to have in your bag. After a long day of walking from your accommodations at the hotels in Rome, you will need a robust meal to satisfy your hunger. The dinner service in Rome is long and luxurious. There are typically five courses starting with a small appetizer such as a vegetable, then a soup followed by the main course, then either pasta or proteins, then desert which is typically a fruit.  It all ends with a shot of cordial or limoncello to cleanse the palate. A few great dinner spots are Le Fate in Trastevere, Il San Lorenzo in Campo de Fiori and Vino e Camini also in Campo de Fiori. Top your night off with delicious gelato from any gelatoria, but particularly Old Bridge. Found just outside the Vatican City walls, Old Bridge offers fresh cream gelato and distinct flavors like Nutella. Go for a walk, while enjoying your gelato, along the Tiber where the lights of city glisten off the water and the crisp air is refreshing.

Getting Around Rome

You’ll find a very convenient and easy to use system of public buses and metros that have stations close to most of the main attractions as well as the excellent hotels in Rome. The Termini Train Station is where you go if you need a ride outside of the city or to the airports, Fiumicino or Ciampino.

Things to Remember

Rome has many attributes in their culture that are very European including the traditional siesta break every day. The restaurants, trattoria, attractions, and most of the city closes up and heads home for a couple hours between 2 p.m. and 4p.m. every day. Be sure to plan accordingly and get lunch before everything closes, that way you can join in and take a nap in your elegant accommodations at the hotels in Rome or rest before heading back out for more touring.