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Area Sacra di Largo Argentina

Hotels near the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina in Rome

When traveling to Rome, there are many historic sites that you can enjoy during your travels. A unique area of the city to visit is the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina. In 1926, a project was created to demolish an area of the city and four temples were unearthed in the process. It would take years before the temples could be studied and more information could be determined of the site. Visitors can now travel to the area and enjoy the unique architectural beauty of each temple.

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Things to Do

When you visit the temple complex of the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina you will find the area is part of the Campus Martius. This would include the Thermae Agrippae and the Theatre of Pompey. Temple A of the attraction is the Temple of Juturna and was created during the third century BC. Temple B is known as the Temple of Fortuna Huiusce Diei and was built in 101 BC. Temple C is the oldest and was created at the beginning of the third century BC and is known as the Temple of Feronia. The final temple, Temple D is thought to be the temple of Lares Permarini and was created during the second century.

Getting Around

Moving about Rome is quite simple and you should be able to walk from your hotel to the attraction. The inner core of the city is traffic free, making you feel comfortable to walk about. You can also travel via the Metro on the subway system or use the bus or tram service. The hotel staff will be able to assist you with the proper transportation option for your visit.

Additional Info

A unique fact about the attraction is that after the excavation took place, stray cats started to show up on site. The cats began to live there and now an animal sanctuary is located on the site. Hundreds of cats now call the area home and visitors can see many walking about during a visit. Enjoy your time from the hotels near the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina in Rome and be sure to visit many other attractions during your stay!