Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Hotels near Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome

The capital of Italy is known for a great many things and among them, its collection of enormous, historic and breathtaking churches definitely stands out at the top of the list. Within that category of landmarks, there are twenty-five dedicated to the Mother Mary and of those, only one holds the honor of being assigned the title of Major.  Make a reservation at any one of the beautiful hotels near Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome and your spacious room or suite will be only minutes from this incredible building.

Things to Do

Originally built around 431, when the Council of Ephesus declared Mary the Mother of God, the church still retains much of its original architecture, making it the perfect way to see back almost two thousand years.  It did see reconstruction and renovation throughout its long life, especially due to damage sustained in the earthquake of 1348, but it remains a testament to the skills and talents of ancient Italians.

Though the building itself is a work of art, within its walls you can also see other works like a 5th century mosaic, beautiful frescoes, funerary monuments, statues, and busts. The basilica is also the resting place of important local figures like Pope Clement VIII, Pope Honorius III, Saint Jerome, Cardinal Ugo Poletti, Pauline Bonaparte, and Pope Pius V among others. Stay at the hotels near Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome and you’ll get access to more than just another big tourist attraction, more than just a holy site, and more than just a cultural icon, you’ll get the benefit of all three-in-one incredible location.

Serenity At All Hours

Visiting any of the historic churches in Rome will, by virtue of the solemnity of their environment and importance of their visuals, provide a sense of peace and balance to your day. Why not keep that serenity throughout the night and in the morning as well by choosing the hotels near Basilica di Santa Maggiore in Rome? Whether you are looking to enjoy a high class, four-star experience in an elegant, modern hotel or a relaxing and homey stay in a bed and breakfast, these locations offer the full spectrum of quality and comfort.

Getting Around

While staying in Rome, you will find many attractions of the city are within walking distance to your hotel. Be sure to get out and explore the area to truly get to know the wonderful Roman culture.

Additional Info

Get as much history in your hotel as you will in all the very nearby landmarks and locations when you select the Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi, once home to the man who would become Pope Clement IX.  Slow your evenings down with the cozy atmosphere of a bed and breakfast by booking at the Maior or live in the lap of luxury while you’re touring the country’s breathtaking capital by reserving a room or suite at the ultra-elegant four-star Hotel Gallia or Mecenate Palace. Each of the hotels near Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome will give you as much in convenience as it does in accommodations, services, and amenities, helping you ensure that your next trip to Italy, no matter what you plan to see or do, will be full of adventure, excitement, and wonder.