Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Rome, Italy

There are many types of accommodations in Rome, Italy but perhaps the most convenient options are the bed and breakfast hotels in Rome, Italy. The B&B Hotel Roma Trastevere is in a prime location offering an authentic Italian village feel. The B&B TerraMare Fregene is perfect for families with a little swimming pool and a Jacuzzi amidst a gorgeous garden. A Casa di Anna e Luxa B&B offers cozy accommodations with a beautiful yard and garden. The Bed and Breakfast Villa Adriana Tivoli is also an ideal place to stay with a full kitchen for guests to use, a beautiful patio where breakfast is served, and much more. These bed and breakfast hotels in Rome Italy are just the place to find the rest and relaxation you seek.

Attractions and Things To Do

Rome is an ancient city that holds a little piece of everyone’s history within its walls and dirt. When you stand in the middle of the Colosseum, you will experience the grandeur of an edifice that was built by man to destroy man. In the Roman Forum you can almost see the daily workings of the ancient Romans in the layout of the ruins. The Circus Maximus is much larger in person than you think and as you stand in the place of the tracks, you can imagine the thrill of the chariot races of days gone by. Saint Peter’s Square is amazing and you will find breath taking views from the top of the cupola. See all of this when you are a guest at the bed and breakfast hotels in Rome, Italy.

Getting Around Rome

Rome has a phenomenal public transportation system consisting of buses, subways, and trains that reach every popular attraction and surrounding suburb of Rome, as well as, neighboring cities and towns throughout Italy.