Find an entire world of luxury and culture nestled within a city dedicated to both in high measure when you book your next trip to the Bioparco at the Hotel Lord Byron.  As much an art exhibit as a hotel, it provides...

Hotels near Bioparco (Rome Zoo) Italy

So Much More Than a Zoo

Most major metropolitan areas in many countries have a zoo of one kind of another and around those zoos are places to stay that make it easier and more comfortable to visit.  In that regard, the hotels near Bioparco (Rome Zoo) Italy are much the same, providing wonderful services and spacious accommodations with convenience to the city’s foremost location to view and appreciate animals of all kinds. What sets the Bioparco apart from others like it is that it is not actually a zoo at all. Based on the idea that animals flourish best in their natural environments and dedicated to the salvation of all species, especially those that are rare and endanger of disappearing forever, the Bioparco is exactly what its name means, a biopark. Though it was originally built as a zoo more than a century ago, its creator, Carl Hagenbeck, envisioned a more natural environment for visitors to see rare and exotic animals.

Instead of cages, the animals were given large green spaces and open areas to roam. It was one of the first of its kind and though it struggled throughout the middle of the 20th century, it came back in full force when it was completely transformed to a biopark in the late 1990s.  Today, a room in the hotels near Bioparco (Rome Zoo) Italy will provide you a very unique experience enhanced by environmental enrichment, a practice that adheres to the principles of conservatism and the importance of natural environs.  From the teaching labs to the lake oasis to the animals themselves, which include a rare Kleinmann’s Tortoise rescued from a smuggler’s suitcase, the Bioparco is an experience like none other.

So Much More Than a Room

Sufficed to say, your days are going to be packed. Even if you only visit the biopark, you will have plenty to do and, by the time the day is done, you are going to need somewhere very comfortable to wind down. Fortunately, the hotels near Bioparco (Rome Zoo) Italy offer a wide array of the best services, accommodations, and amenities you could hope to find in the Eternal City. Take your time touring the biopark and surrounding area with an extended stay in the spacious suites of the Aldrovandi Residence City Suites. Get as much enjoyment out of the inside of the hotel as you do from everything so close by outside with a luxury stay at the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel. Immerse yourself in elegance, art and comfort by booking one of the gorgeous rooms or suites at the Hotel Lord Byron. Or save your money for souvenirs and local tours by booking an economic and still high quality stay at the Best Western Hotel Rivoli. The options are truly top notch and each one is minutess from the Bioparco which means you will get all you could want from a hotel with absolutely no worry about travel time. Does it really get any better than the hotels near Bioparco (Rome Zoo) Italy?