Campo de' Fiori

Hotels near Campo de’ Fiori in Rome

Make your home in one of the hotels near Campo de’ Fiori in Rome. The Residenza Navona First is a great choice if you’re in search of a cozy bed and breakfast. You’ll love waking up to a hot meal in the cafe and then making use of the free area shuttle to get around. Later, you can return to the hotel for a cocktail at the bar. Spacious is the best word to describe the Piazza Farnese Luxury Suites, which offers guest rooms that have walk-in closets. Wireless Internet is accessible free-of-charge at this hotel. That means you’ll be able to post vacation pictures to your social media accounts with ease. Another choice is to spend your time at the Town House Campo de’ Fiori. Here you can explore the city with a free map, keep up with office tasks using the fax services at the front desk, and take the airport shuttle so you don’t miss your flight back home. Finally, travelers can enjoy the luxurious amenities available at Hotel Lunetta. Start off with a massage in the spa before moving on to snacks at the bar in the rooftop garden. There’s even a sauna and steam room to utilize.

Things to Do

While in Rome visitors will want to spend some time in Campo de’ Fiori. This busy square is well-known and offers both day and nighttime activities. You’ll recognize the square by the statue of the famous philosopher Giordano Bruno that sits directly in the middle. Surrounding the statue is a market that is in full swing during the day. Here you’ll find vendors selling everything from olive oil to homemade cheeses. Return to the square in the evening and you’ll find the area is just as busy. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to check-out and lots of opportunities to socialize.

Getting Around Rome

After you’ve walked around Campo de’ Fiori and its surrounding attractions, consider signing up for a segway or bicycle tour. If there’s something you want to see in Rome that is farther than your legs can take you, then you have a few transportation options. You can ask the front desk staff to call you a cab, as taxis are hard to secure simply by hailing them in the street. If you prefer, you can save a few bucks by getting tickets to ride one of the subway trains or city buses. There are also a few tram cars that run throughout Rome on a regular basis.

Additional Info

Head out from the hotels near Campo de’ Fiori in Rome and make your way to St. Peter’s Basilica to marvel at the amazing Renaissance architecture. The Catacomb of Callixtus is a great place to go next as long as you’re not afraid of small spaces. The Spanish Steps are another must-see attraction, as well as the Trinita dei Monti Church that you’ll come across when you get to the top. Finish the day with tickets to a live performance at Teatro Quirino.