Let the airport shuttle take you to and from the Ciampino Airport when you stay at the Hotel Palacavicchi on Via Ciampino, 70. Enjoy room service, private telephone, on-site dining, and more. Stroll through the...

Hotels near Ciampino Airport (CIA) in Rome

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The hotels near Ciampino Airport (CIA) in Rome offer you a great place of departure. You are close to your accommodation as soon as you disembark from the plane so you can get your relaxation and vacation started right away. The area surrounding the Ciampino Airport makes it possible to see other cities, such as Tuscany, Ostia Antica, and many more in addition to your Rome sightseeing. Visit the historical sites in Rome like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, museums, art, and more. Travel to other nearby places, such as Ostia Antica and Tuscany to see the ancient ruins. Some hotels, like the Ciampino Hotel and the Hotel Palacavicchi, offer an airport shuttle service for your convenience.

Hostels are another option for budget-friendly travelers. Book a room at the Central Station Inn-Hostel or the A Casa di Anna & Tito B&B to keep money in your wallet. These three options have transportation close by, so you have inexpensive travel options when you stay near the Ciampino Airport. Breakfast and Internet service are available at these properties to further increase your savings. Traveling students have Internet and public computers on-site, as well as free maps, locker storage, and snacks at the Central Station Inn-Hostel.

Locals can point out, not only the best places to visit, but also the time when the site will be less crowded. Visiting the Colosseum, for example, can get very crowded at midday because it remains open at siesta time. Locals suggest that you see this site early in the day. The best places to eat are recommended by the locals also. Get to know them and you get better recommendations for dinning out and recreation. The Ciampino Airport is typically a 30-40 minute commute into Rome.

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Great food options by the hotels near Ciampino Airport (CIA) in Rome are everywhere, but in Italy eating is a symphony of flavors. Even simple foods reflect the exquisite tastes of the local region. Produce is locally grown from the olive oil you enjoy on your local made bread to the prosciutto on your panini. Street foods are particularly delicious if you are on a budget, or desire to grab something quick while you are touring Rome. If you want to be conservative and plan to be on the bus or train for long periods of time, the local breads, meats, and cheese are delicious and very hearty so you’ll be traveling with a full stomach. Don’t forget to try out the gelato while you are in Italy. It is made from scratch with local ingredients and is phenomenal. You will never have better ice cream on your travels then by the hotels near Ciampino Airport (CIA) in Rome.

Dinning out for dinner in Italy can be lengthy so be sure and plan your schedule accordingly. Italians believe in relaxing as you eat without rushing through it. Typical dinners begin around 7-8 pm and include an appetizer, meat course, pasta course, and lite dessert. Local wines are very delicious, as well as the after dinner liquors.