An elegant stay awaits at the Hotel Condotti, located in the heart of Rome. Explore the most treasured areas of the city by simply heading out the hotel front doors. Tour the Spanish Steps, the Villa Borghese and...
Located in a 17th century townhouse, the Mario de Fiori 37 allows you to relax at the center of Rome. The activity of the city melts away once you set foot inside the quality hotel. Only nine guest rooms are located...
First constructed in the 18th century, the Hotel Manfredi Suite has provided guest services since 1949, after being transformed into a hotel property. A long-standing tradition of hospitality can be found at the...

Hotels near Rome City Centre

Hotels near Rome City Centre

The Rome City Centre is the ideal area in which to reserve hotel accommodations when enjoying Rome during a family vacation or weekend getaway. It is in the city centre that you’ll find the most popular attractions including entertainment venues and ancient ruins. You’ll be able to fully experience the culture and community of the Eternal City by reserving accommodations at hotels near Rome City Centre. Options for your travels include the Hotel Manfredi Suite and the Hotel Condotti, both located in the Rome City Centre.

A historical stay awaits at the three-star property of the Hotel Manfredi Suite. Here you will be able to enjoy a high quality guest experience with premium hospitality and comfort. Take advantage of a full breakfast buffet each morning as well as concierge service for your travel planning. The concierge team can easily assist you with travel plans including limo service, restaurant dining, and touring the city. Your guest room can include a standard stay as the most affordable choice or you can upgrade to a guest suite to enjoy premium amenities such as hydromassage shower and sauna.

At the Hotel Condotti, you’ll have access to quality guest accommodations with quick access to local attractions including the Spanish Steps. Enjoy a standard guest room or suite, each equipped with Wi-Fi service, minibar, flat screen TV, and an in-room safe. Each room includes premium bedding and furnishings for a restful sleep each night of your stay.

Things to Do

There is so much to see and do in the Rome City Centre, it is no surprise the area is the most popular spot for travelers. To get started, you can travel to the Villa Borghese to enjoy an outdoor experience in the city. This area is a greenspace of sorts and offers access to an amphitheater, fountains and more. St. Peter’s Basilica is a must-see, being one of the largest churches in the world. The beautiful property has monumental statues created by Bernini as well as a 450 dome. The magnificent structure is a must visit when traveling in Rome. One of the best ways to tour the city is to simply head out on foot from the hotel, admiring the unique architecture, stopping along the way to explore whatever peaks your interest.

Getting Around

Since you’ll be located in the Rome City Centre, you’ll easily be able to walk to your next destination. Bike and moped rentals are also available in this area, allowing you to save energy and travel at a much faster pace. To visit areas of further distances, take advantage of the public transportation options including bus and metro travel.

Additional Info

As you enjoy your relaxation time at the hotels near Rome City Centre, be sure to add at least a few of the unique attractions to your itinerary. The Piazza Navona is a lovely area of the city that was once home to carnivals and medieval jousts. Enjoy street performers and artists in this area of the city today.