Located directly across from the Colosseum, the Colosseum B hotel is ideal for tourists to the beautiful city. With the bus station just a short walk away, the city is yours for the exploring. The amenities include...
The conveniently located Martina Al Colosseo is waiting for tourists to come experience Rome. The hotel is within 300 yards of the Colosseum and also close to the buses that will take you around the rest of the...

Hotels near Colosseum in Rome

Hotels near Colosseum in Rome

Rome has so many amazing attractions to see and experience and finding the right hotel can be a challenge. The hotels near Colosseum in Rome make it easy to choose with unbeatable locations and desirable amenities. The Hotel Colosseum has both business and leisure amenities including a business center and tourism guidance. The Colosseum B hotel offers guests a continental breakfast before they head out for a day of touring or business. Find that the Colosseo Panoramic Rooms has Wi-Fi and breakfast services for your convenience. For the most space that your money can buy you, choose the Martina Al Colosseo hotel that offers apartment style accommodations with full kitchens and separated living spaces. These hotels near Colosseum in Rome are just right for a budget-minded traveler who doesn’t want to compromise on value but wants an amazing location.

Attractions and Things To Do

Rome is packed with experiences, sights, and attractions that are simply unbelievable. The Colosseum is one of the most popular sites in the city and offers tourists an experience unlike any other. The Roman Forum is right next to the Colosseum and as you walk through the Arch, you can almost see the ancient Romans conducting their business years ago. The Circus Maximus can be reached easily by bus from the hotels near Colosseum in Rome, and is a massive arena where the chariot races took place. Go to the top of the cupola at Saint Peters in the Vatican City for the best views of the city and on your way down, marvel at the Pieta sculpture by Michael Angelo. The churches throughout the city are not just for religious people, but also for those who love art. Find the best gelato in the city right along the outside of the Vatican City wall at a little hole in the wall called Old Bridge. The little area of Trastevere in Rome has some of the best pizza and also has street performers on weekend evenings in the Piazza di Santa Maria. The beauty found in the history of the city of Rome, is that the city transcends time. Each and every tourist can find something that is part of their own past in the city itself.

Getting Around Rome

The city of Rome is set up well for tourists with a great public transportation system. The buses will take you to most of the main attractions and sites with an affordable fare. The metro system can also get you where you want to go easily and quickly. The hotels near Colosseum in Rome have friendly, multilingual staff that can assist with any tourism questions you may have about the public transportation system. The train station at Termini can get you to the outer suburbs and other cities and towns in Italy.

Additional Info

Be sure to keep your important identification items and money close to you at all times. Rome is infamous for pick pockets and you can easily end up losing your passport, your money and all those important documents you need to travel.