Explora Children's Museum

Hotels near Explora Children’s Museum in Rome

Offering a world or learning and activity, the Explora Children’s Museum is one of the most popular attractions of Rome Italy. The family friendly museum offers workshops, interactive activities and exhibits that can keep your children entertained for hours on end! Spend a day during your travels to Rome exploring the unique attraction featuring options for children of all ages.

Hotels near Explora Children’s Museum in Rome are equipped for family travel, making it easy for you to visit the museum whenever you like. Such hotels as the Villa Laetitia and the Hotel Donna Laura Palace can be the ideal option for lodgings during your visit. At the Villa Laetitia, you will have the unique option of reserving guest accommodations in the Villa Apartment or the Garden House. Each offers a unique space with varying décor, interesting artwork and comfort furnishings. Enjoy unique amenities that can only be found at the hotel including cooking classes, fine dining and more.

At the Hotel Donna Laura Palace, you will be located near the River Tiber in a luxury facility. Just steps from the hotel are quality restaurants, shops and attractions. Use the nearby Lepanto station to reach anywhere within the city including popular attractions. Walk from your guest room to the Piazza del Popolo which is the doorway to many monuments of the city. When reserving accommodations, choose one of six guest rooms with options for individual, couple and family travel. You will be able to enjoy a lovely rest after a long day of activity in the city.

Things to Do

Hours can be spent enjoying the many exhibits of the Explora Children’s Museum. Start with the Kitchen exhibit featuring tools commonly found in the kitchen. This exhibit was created to promote conscious consumption. The Weight and Measures area can teach you unique ways of measuring and help your children better understand the concept of measurement. Move over to the Garden area to learn about vegetables and how they grow in a garden space. For smaller children, the museum offers the Lil Explorers area, with holes to climb in, toys to play on and areas to explore. The many exhibits offer something new and exciting around every corner of the facility.

Getting Around

The Explora Children’s Museum is located in Via Flaminia 82, which is at the center of Rome. You will find the museum is just a few minutes on-foot from the Piazza del Popolo so you can easily walk to the facility depending on where you are located. Bus, tram, metro and train travel also offer you options for visiting the museum.

Additional Info

While staying at hotels near Explora Children’s Museum in Rome, you are sure to visit the museum at least once during your travels. Be sure to visit the Zero100 Restaurant during your stay to dine after a full day of activity. A bookshop and souvenir shop are also located on-site for you and your children to purchase an item to remember your fun day together. Take time to play with your children while at the museum to just have fun and enjoy your time in Rome together.