Hotels in Guidonia, Italy


Guidonia is short for Guidonia Montecelio. The small town of Guidonia covers an area of around 80 square kilometers and is located in the central part of the country, about 22 kilometers from Rome. The area offers a large number of attractions for locals and visitors. While most tourists will easily find all there is to see in Rome, some of the popular attractions in Guidonia may be more difficult to find. The second week of December (10th of the month) is celebrated as Saint Day in this town with Maria Beata Vergine di Loreto as Patron saint. This place was founded as a fortified castrum in the year 998 AD.

Hotels in Guidonia, Italy

Finding hotels in Guidonia, Italy is not as difficult as some would think. The Park Hotel Imperatore Adriano, Victoria Terme Hotel/Rome, Hotel Tivoli, and Grand Hotel Duca D’Este are a few. Each of these hotels provides guests with modern amenities that will pamper and provide much needed rest and relaxation. The hotels in Guidonia, Italy are close to Rome which makes it convenient for guests to check out both Guidonia and Rome. Access to Rome is about 30 minutes away via public transportation or car.

Must-See Spots

For those tourists who are visiting Rome, it would be a great idea to check out some very interesting and ancient tourist spots in the vicinity of Guidonia. Some of the popular spots are the ruins of Casale Tor Sant’Antonio and Gabi and the churches of Sant’Agnese fuori le Mura and San Lorenzo fuori le Mura. The Museum Villa Torlonia, Parco Appia Antica Park, and Porta Maggiore gateway are also incredible spots. Since many of the hotels in Guidonia, Italy may be less expensive than the ones in Rome, tourists will benefit from staying in Guidonia and traveling to Rome. Not only will they be close to the ancient city, but they’ll be right in the heart of a vibrant, modern city.