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Lido di Ostia

Hotels near Lido di Ostia in Rome

Located just minutes from the Rome city centre, Lido di Ostia is an ideal neighborhood choice for your business or leisure travels. The neighborhood offers a beach area and is considered a tourist port, with many ruins of ancient Rome which date back to when Ostia was the main port of Rome. Enjoy a comfortable stay at one of the many hotels near Lido di Ostia in Rome, including the Rifugio San Francesco and the Bed and Breakfast Luana Inn Airport.

Offering the ultimate in bed & breakfast comfort, the Bed and Breakfast Luana Inn Airport hotel is a perfect accommodation choice when looking for a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy access to lovely villa guest spaces with beautiful gardens accentuating the property. Tour the garden during your stay as well as a morning meal provided by the hotel. Breakfast is provided every day of your stay to help you start the morning off fulfilled. When reserving guest accommodations, choose from a standard guest room to a loft style space, each offering quality amenities and services.

For quick access to the beachfront as well as simplistic accommodations, the Rifugio San Francesco is the right choice for you. This hotel is located just 100 meters from the beach, allowing you to spend time along the waterfront. A bar of the first floor of the hotel provides the morning meal, with fresh coffee and croissants served every day of your stay. A kitchenette is also located on the property and when requested, can be shared with other guests for your on-site cooking needs.

Things to Do

The Lido di Ostia area is home to unique ruin sites of Rome. Travel to the Ostia Antica to view an original colony of Rome. The town was eventually deserted in 476 AD when Rome fell, and the buildings would fall to ruin. Excavations began in the 19th and 20th centuries and would reveal the remains of the town. Spend a full day exploring the archaeological site, with a guide book from the site a must during your travels as there is so much to see.

The Dunes of Castelporziano is another great place to enjoy the area, with a natural reserve and including restaurant dining as well as beach property. This area is smaller but less crowded than other beach areas.

Getting Around

The immediate area of the neighborhood is viewed on-foot or with a bike rental. Traveling into Rome or other areas that are further distances are reached via bus or metro service.

Additional Info

There are additional attractions located near the hotels near Lido di Ostia in Rome that allow you to enjoy your time away from home. Spend some time just walking the area and speaking with locals, to learn about hot spots or must-see attractions as you explore the Lido di Ostia as well as Rome, Italy.