The EuroHotel Roma Nord in Fiano Romano, near Monterotondo, just North of Rome, is a fabulous hotel offering guests a wide array of amenities throughout their stay. The hotel has complimentary wireless Internet...

Hotels in Monterotondo, Italy

Hotels in Monterotondo, Italy

There are many charming places to stay when you visit the beautiful Italian country, however, none so charming as the hotels in Monterotondo, Italy. The hotels offer a wide array of amenities suitable for both business and leisure guests. Le Petit Hotel offers an outstanding continental breakfast for guests. The Life Sport Hotel is located within a sporting center and can arrange sport camps for guests.

The Hotel Bellavista Rome is surrounded by natural beauty where guests can leisurely explore or host a special event. The EuroHotel Roma Nord is another fantastic choice, offering guests a great breakfast, shuttle services, and a gym pass to the local wellness center. These hotels in Monterotondo, Italy are top in their class for hospitality and will guarantee your stay is absolutely perfect.

Attractions and Things To Do

Italy is so gorgeous and offers guests both country attractions and city attractions. Rome is brimming with attractions that are proof of the grandeur of the ancient civilization that built the city. The Colosseum and Roman Forum are a must see. Then find your way to the Circus Maximus where you can almost hear the cheering of the crowd as the chariots battle for the win. Revere at the breathtaking Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica where you’ll find the best views at the top of the cupola. Visit the Sistine Chapel and stare in disbelief at the masterpiece that Michelangelo is so well known for. There is so much more to see and the hotels in Monterotondo, Italy are close to it all.

Getting Around Rome

The city of Rome was designed to host many visitors and now the modern modes of transportation fit right in to the ancient scenery. With city buses and metros at every major attraction, you will never walk far to get where you want to go.