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National Etruscan Museum

Hotels near the National Etruscan Museum in Rome

The National Etruscan Museum is located in the Villa Giulia, which was first created for Pope Julius III. The facility would become property of the city of Italy in 1870 and the museum was founded in 1889. The goal of the museum was to collect pre-Roman antiquities from several excavations including Umbria, Etruria, and Latium. The hotels near the National Etruscan Museum in Rome can provide you with 4-star accommodations, offering quality amenities and services. The Duke Hotel and the Polo Hotel both are well-appointed for your international needs, offering dining and business services at your convenience.

At The Duke Hotel, you can expect to enjoy a full service experience with 4-star hotel amenities and services. Located in the Villa Borghese, the hotel offers beautiful outdoor gardens for you to relax and bask in the beauty of Rome. Each guest room of the hotel offers quality furnishings, premium bedding, and modern amenities. Enjoy complimentary shuttle service to Piazza del Popolo and easily reach the architectural marvels of the city.

Additional accommodations in the city include the Polo Hotel, offering on-site dining, business amenities and comfortable guest rooms. The American Bar features a full breakfast each morning as well as lunch and dinner service. Come back to the hotel after enjoying a day out in the city to rest with a glass of wine and lovely meal. Guest room choices of the hotel includes a standard single, twin double, and standard triple, for sleeping space for every traveler, including individuals and families.

Things to Do

The collections of the National Etruscan Museum are quite vast, offering unique items for viewing from varying areas of Rome. Perhaps the most famous is the Sarcophagus of Spouses, which is a terracotta funerary monument which is a large representation of a bride and groom. Also located in the museum is the Tita Vendia Vase, Apollo of Veii, Sarpedon Krater and a frieze reconstructed of the Tydeus Earing Melanippus’ Brain. The collection is quite unique and one that should be enjoyed by art enthusiasts as well as history buffs.

Getting Around

To reach the museum, you can take the Tram #2 or the Bus No10. The public transportation system is a great way to move about the city to get from the hotels near the National Etruscan Museum in Rome to the many attractions such as the museum. The museum is open each day from the early morning hours till late in the evening.

Additional Info

As you relax in your hotels near the National Etruscan Museum Rome, you’ll be able to visit the National Etruscan Museum whenever you like. Enjoy the unique artifacts on display and be sure to check to see if the facility is hosting special events. Many times, the museum will host special exhibitions featuring unique works of art. In the past, the works of photographers and artists have been featured. Be sure to enjoy the additional tourist areas of the city during your travels to Rome including the Vatican City and Underground Rome. When you stay at one of the hotels near the National Etruscan Museum in Rome, you’ll have memories of unique experiences that are sure to last a lifetime!