Parioli, Rome

Head to the Hills

The Eternal City is home to more than it’s fair share of world renown landmarks and major tourist attractions, all located right in the heart of the city, but if you are looking for a different experience, one surrounded by elegance, gorgeous parks and the best restaurants and nightlife in the area, look no further than the luxury accommodations of the hotels near Parioli in Rome. A beautiful upper-class neighborhood named for the Monti Parioli hills, it is located between the must-see Villa Borghese and Villa Ada and will give you a stay that keeps you out of the action of the city proper but still keep you close enough that you are within an hour of the big name locations.  After you’ve checked into one of the high-end hotels nearby, take some time to just travel the local streets and soak in the astounding architecture embedded in serenity that may surprise you, given it remains an active part of Rome.

Hidden away among the residences are some of the city’s best restaurants and nightclubs, each presenting you a chance to dine and unwind away from the tourist crowds. During the day or after your meals, head to one of the two Villas on either side of your stay in the hotels near Parioli Rome and enjoy great local sites like the Bioparco and Zoological Gardens, the Museum of Modern Art, a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and nature’s beautiful landscape.  You already know you are so much more than just another regular tourist, prove it with a one of a kind, authentic Italian experience at the hotels near Parioli in Rome.

Revel in Elegance

The hotels in Parioli Rome do more than provide you with convenience to the elegance of a high-class neighborhood, they reflect that elegance as well.  From the spa and terrace restaurant surrounded by orange trees at the Hotel Degli Aranci to the incredibly spacious residence apartments at the Residence Hotel Parioli, and from the rooftop garden with views of Saint Peter’s dome at the Grand Hotel Hermitage to the wellness center and six different professional event spaces at the Ritz, there isn’t less than a four-star stay among the lot.

Anything you could be looking for in a hotel will be found in at least one of these incredible locations and there is enough variety among them to make the choosing both enjoyable and potentially difficult. Dine on-site at one of the hotels near Parioli in Rome, relax with a massage, get your work completed with supportive business services, or just kick back and relax in the well-designed space of your own room or suite.  And that’s just a taste of what’s waiting for you inside. Don’t forget that every one of the hotels near Parioli in Rome are just that; right in or near one of the most breathtaking neighborhoods in the city. That means that comfort is just the first step to all the memories you’ll be making and adventures you’ll be having on your next big trip to the Eternal City.