Piazza Barberini

Experience the Beauty of It All

In Rome the neighborhoods are defined by the surrounding piazzas and so the hotels are within a close proximity to the piazza (a walk of about a minute or two). Hotels near Piazza Barberini in Rome are the area you want to be in when you travel to Rome. You will be in the center of the city near Piazza del Popolo, Piazza de Spagna (where the famous Spanish Steps are) and the Trevi Fountain. The Metro stop is within a minute’s walk from the Piazza. The metro can easily connect you to the rest of the city, such as the Castel Sant’ Angelo, Colosseum, Roman Forum, and much more. Luxury shopping is within a 2-10 minute walk from you around Piazza del Popolo or on Via Veneto. The Piazza is situated on one of “the seven hills of Rome”, the Quirinal Hill. The Piazza Barberini was originally built in the 16th century. At the center of the Piazza is the Triton Fountain sculpted by Bernini in 1642-1643.

From the top of the Quirinal Hill, you receive spectacular views of one of the most well-planned cities you might ever see. If you stay at the Bernini Bristol-A Sina Hotel you will get a front row seat not only to see the sun set and rise over Bernini’s fountain at the piazza’s center, but also a breathtaking view of the city as well. In fact other hotels near Piazza Barberini in Rome, such as the Residence AT, the Hotel Baracco, and the Hotel Sistina offer you beautiful views out your hotel windows as well. You can enjoy your morning cappuccino or café latte as you soak up the grandeur of the city. Hotels near Piazza Barberini Rome offer a complimentary Italian breakfast and complimentary internet with your relaxing stay so you can easily stay connected to friends and family without having to find an internet café. If you want to save a little on your touring expenses, go see the local churches because they display beautiful works of art by Caravaggio, Bernini, Michelangelo, and many more. San Luigi dei Francesi is near Piazza Barberini and houses the “Calling of St. Matthew”, one of Caravaggio’s most magnificent paintings. His use of chiaroscuro brings the characters to life. Even if you don’t enjoy art, it is a great piece to see.

The Transporter

Bring a broken-in, comfortable pair of walking shoes when you travel to one of the hotels near Piazza Barberini in Rome, or definitely plan on purchasing a great pair of Italian leather shoes while you are in the city. Romans do a fair amount of walking and they take advantage of the public bus and metro systems as much as they can. You will find that parking is near impossible unless you have a smart-car or moped. The streets are full of pedestrians and they move faster than the traffic most of the time. The public bus is quite efficient and runs every 15 minutes so be sure to take advantage of it. You can buy a bus ticket both on the buses and at small convenience stores. You should definitely look into the Roma Pass while you are traveling. It is valid for 48 hours from the time of validation on the bus and will also get you into the first two museums or archeological sites of your choice.