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With affordable accommodations and a central location, the Richmond Hotel is an ideal choice for your Rome travels. You’ll be able to walk to many areas of the city from the hotel including the Colosseum....

Hotels near Roman Forum in Rome

Hotels near Roman Forum in Rome

The Roman Forum is a unique area in Rome, the remains of the ancient city center from the Roman Empire. For many years, the square would provide individuals access to the first forum of the city, where triumphal processions would take place, the Senate would assemble and elections would be held. Known as the Forum Romanum today, the area is home to a collection of ruins that show the once prestigious area of Rome. During the Roman Empire, the area was rich with activity. Today, visitors can see the different periods of Rome, including temples and basilicas.

Hotels near Roman Forum in Rome can provide you with a resting place during your vacation to see the many ruins of the city or as a home-base during business travel. Accommodation options in the area include the Hotel Forum and the Inn at the Roman Forum. One option for your travels is the Hotel Forum. Here you will be able to enjoy fine dining at the Rooftop Terrace, which offers wine and cocktail beverages, breakfast, lunch and dinner dining. With 80 guest rooms, there is plenty of space for you to reserve a guest room during family travel or business meetings.

A unique guest accommodation option for your traveling needs is the Inn at the Roman Forum. This hotel offers a unique aspect in the fact that the hotel offers ruins inside the property. You can enter a passageway of the hotel which takes you along a stone walkway which features engravings from thousands of years ago. You can access several services during your travels including babysitting, tours of the city and transportation options.

Things to Do

There are several areas of the Roman Forum that can be explored during your visit. Three triumphal arches are located in the area and were constructed by emperors who wanted to commemorate their victories in battle. An arch constructed by Augustus in 29 BC barely remains while the Arch of Titus can still be seen from its creation in 81 AD.

The Arch of Septimius Severus was built in 203 AD and still stands today, a marvel to behold during your visit. An additional area of the forum is the Rostra. This was the speaker’s platform that was first built in the 4th Century BC. The oldest basilica located at the Roman Forum is the Basilica Aemilia, which was created in 179 BC. This is another area of the forum you can tour during your visit.

Getting Around

Traveling to the Roman Forum is easy when you stay in Rome. You can use several forms of public transportation or even visit the facility on foot. The subway, bus, and tram is a great way to reach the area when traveling in Rome.

Additional Info

There are many area attractions in the city, including additional ruins such as the Roman Forum. Hotels near Roman Forum in Rome will allow you to easily access the other ruins as well including the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Enjoy the many different attractions as well as tasting foods and enjoying a shopping experience as you tour the city of Rome.