Pair your local experience in a charming neighborhood with a free daily breakfast buffet and economically priced accommodations by booking your stay at the Holiday Inn Express Rome San Giovanni. With secure on-site...
For a truly authentic experience in San Giovanni, look no further than the front door of Le Stanze di Elle.  With a very small selection of comfortable and beautifully decorated rooms, this isn’t another faceless...

San Giovanni

The Very Best of Italy

The capital of Italy is made up of a lot of different kinds of neighborhoods, from high-end, elegant affairs with expensive homes and fine dining restaurants to cobblestone historical areas loaded with basilicas and landmarks.  The problem is, if you’re looking for the opportunity to feel like part of the community, to pull away from the commercialism and tourism, neither of those extremes will hit the mark.  That’s why you need to make your reservation at one of the quality hotels near San Giovanni in Rome. Unlike other neighborhoods in the Eternal City, San Giovanni is a very unique mix of everything that is wonderful about the entire city. The streets are modern and replete with small cafes instead of expensive restaurants.

The markets offer up local produce and goods, including a second-hand market that runs every weekend in Via Sannio, as well as smaller end shops with more accessible prices.  Gone are the luxury boutiques catering to the well-to-do locals and tourists.  You will, of course, still get plenty of history and culture as the area is home to one of the oldest basilicas around, the San Giovanni in Laterno.  This does mean that the traffic around that particular location is a bit high but, somehow, it doesn’t detract at all from the low-key community vibe you’ll find on almost every street and around every corner.  If you are looking to experience what it would be like to not just visit Rome but actually live there, immerse yourself in it as if you had been a resident your entire life, no other stay will give you that chance the way the hotels near San Giovanni in Rome will.

The Very Best in Hospitality

It probably isn’t hard to believe a neighborhood this grounded in both its people and its heritage has a collection of hotels that range from economic and globally known to idyllic and quaint. Each reflects the look, feel, and soul of the neighborhood in their own unique ways, and all of them will offer you convenience and comfort like you’ve rarely experienced before. Start with the Holiday Inn Express, located right in San Giovanni.  It offers you a middle ground, a little bit of what you know from home and other locations combined with local sensibility and all for a price you’ll welcome with open arms.

Next, look to Le Stanze di Elle and Le Terrazze di San Giovannit, for a truly authentic Italian hotel experience complete with shuttle service and transfer accommodations to make your arrival all the easier. Finally, the Obelus, a true bed and breakfast that is so quaint you will feel right at home from the moment you step into the beautiful and inviting lobby. No matter which of these excellent choices you decide to take, you’ll be taking the first step on a very wonderful journey, one that includes being only footsteps from all the local shopping, dining, and events of the neighborhood. Immerse yourself in Italy with a reservation at the hotels near San Giovanni in Rome.