The Best Western Globus hotel is in the vicinity of the Sapienza University of Rome. Guest can get around the city with ease using the well-connected underground and public transportation. You can walk from the...
Chroma Tessera Hotel is just a five minute walk from Termini Station, making it quite convenient for travelers. This one of a kind hotel features five guest suites all of them named after and decorated in different...
The B&B Casa a Roma is located near the Sapienza University and the center of Rome. Guests will get a good nights sleep in one of the most stunning and quiet areas of the capital. This B&B is located on...

Hotels Near Sapienza University of Rome

Hotels Near Sapienza University of Rome

There are hundreds of hotels near Sapienza University of Rome to suit the needs of every visitor to the city.  An excellent option for your stay is the Chroma Tessera Hotel located in the heart of Rome close to many attractions. This beautiful hotel offers guests the best in bike rentals, airport shuttle services, and room service for those lazy, relaxing mealtimes.

A stay at the Best Western Globus University of Rome is close to most major attractions including the subway stations and bus stations for easy transportation options. If you are a business traveler, this hotel if for you, offering multiple meeting spaces and complimentary Internet to accommodate your corporate needs.

If you are traveling with that loved one, a stay at the B&B Casa a Roma hotel will enhance any romantic trip. Guests will enjoy the personal touch the owners provide, and will rest well since the hotel boasts serene surroundings.  The hotel, housed on the eighth floor of an old charming building, is furnished with beautiful décor that makes you feel like royalty.

The Dalmati House hotel is centrally located in San Lorenzo and is an ideal choice for those who want to see everything.

Attractions and Things To Do

To experience the modern life of Rome, visit the Piazza Della Republica which can be easily reached by walking or public transportation. Once there, take a stroll through the marketplace that is loaded with vendors offering everything from food to souvenirs. The hotels near Sapienza University of Rome are also close to the Diocletian Baths and the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

The museums in the area are simply stunning with some of the world’s greatest art collection. Enjoy the world-famous Vatican Museum where you’ll find works such as the Egyptian relics and Greek and Roman sculptures. The famous Sistine Chapel where some of Michelangelo’s famous paintings are located is housed near the Dalmati House hotel. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly hotel or a luxury hotel, a little planning will surely help you find the best hotels near Sapienza University of Rome for your stay in Rome.

Getting Around Rome

Around every corner and outside almost ever hotel, you will find a conveniently placed bus or metro station in Rome. The buses and metros stop at all the major attractions and you will find it easy to navigate with maps at every station. For airport transportation, the trains at Termini in Rome can get you to the two main airports, or some of the hotels near Sapienza University of Rome may even offer airport shuttles for your convenience.