Hotel Manfredi Suite in Rome offers guests that home away from home comfort. The staff is very courteous and friendly. The amenities are great. The guest rooms are set up to allow guests the comfort and rest they...

Three Star Hotels in Rome, Italy

Three Star Hotels in Rome, Italy

There are few cities that evoke the wonder and intrigue of Rome. The city is steeped in ancient history, magnificent works of art, and breathtaking religious monuments. After a day of sightseeing, enjoy a cup of espresso or a glass of wine and do some people watching. With so much to see and do, the real challenge will be trying to fit it all in. Finding a list of three star hotels in Rome, Italy doesn’t have to be difficult task. It does take some planning and research but with the right list of hotels your trip to Rome can turn out to be a great one.

One way to find out if a hotel is a three star is to check out the amenities, rooms, staff, and other qualities associated with the hotel. Rome Garden Hotel is a perfect combination of classy style and comfort for guests looking for a combination of elegance and comfort. The staff is very courteous and provides excellent hospitality. One of the highlights of the hotel is the beautiful rooftop terrace. Guests at this hotel will also enjoy the on-site restaurant.

San Carlo Rome Hotel is one of the loveliest three star hotels in Rome Italy located just five minutes from the Spanish Steps. The hotel is situated in a beautiful 17th century mansion on a quiet street next to Via Condotti. Guests will feel pampered with the comfortable and cozy rooms and excellent amenities offered. One highlight of your stay will be the incredible breakfast served on the hotel’s garden rooftop.

Italians are famous for their laid-back lifestyle. Villa Borghese offers tourists this same laid-back style during their stay in Rome. It is surrounded by greenery and some of Rome’s most fantastic and peaceful parks. This hotel offers the perfect place to unwind from the city’s busy streets. The hotel is located just near the Spanish Steps with its fantastic views of the city. Take a walk along the grassy amphitheater Piazza di Siena and visit the Galleria Borghese Museum. The Hotel Manfredi Suite in Rome is another wonderful three star hotel offering guests the best in comfort and service in a great location.

The area is home to many shops that sell unique Roman products that are great souvenirs. Satisfying your appetite will not be an issue. There are more than enough restaurants to quench everyone’s craving. No matter what you are looking for in Rome, from famous monuments to historic ruins, you will find it in the city that never sleeps and has so much to offer it’s impossible to see it all. Infinity Hotel Roma is the last of the charming three star hotels in Rome, Italy. It boasts of a great location close to the city’s main hub known as the historic City Center. This elegant hotel has stunning city views and a short walk to Villa Borghese Gardens.