Hotels in Tivoli, Italy

Hotels in Tivoli, Italy

If you are considering a trip to stay in the hotels in Tivoli, Italy, you’ll have many options. The town is located just outside of Rome and is full of excellent sites and attractions. Whatever your interests may be, you are likely to find something to do in the area.

One of the most popular sites is the gorgeous Villa d’Este. This beautiful mansion is representative of Renaissance architecture and is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also sprawling, stunning gardens and fountains on the grounds as well as a teaching museum dedicated to preserving antique books.

Hadrian’s Villa, or Villa Adriana, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the area. Although it is now ruins, Hadrian’s Villa is fascinating because it allows the imagination to fill in what’s missing. The villa was made up of more than 30 buildings and many significant artifacts have been unearthed on-site.

Nearby Attractions

The round Temple of Vesta, situated high on a cliff, is appealing to those interested in ancient history. Dating back to the 7th century BC, this site has a long history of human activity. The thermal springs of Tivoli have been famous since ancient times and were once home to Roman baths here where scholars gathered to relax and learn.

Area Restaurants

Along with the many interesting historical sites in the area, you’ll find there’s also plenty to eat! The restaurants in Tivoli range from quick sandwich shops to more formal eateries. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to experience a meal you won’t soon forget.

After a long day of taking in the sights and sounds of this ancient place, you’ll want to return to a hotel where you can be comfortable. Whether it is a quiet bed and breakfast that helps you relax or the luxury of a hotel with a spa, you’ll find that the hotels in Tivoli, Italy offer travelers a range of services.